The Great Hunt of the Harvest Moon 453

(Rydelia Fayn): Ah. * salutes *
(Gladash): Hi there.
(Rydelia Fayn): An early arrival, I see. Welcome to Marali.
(Gladash): I've been trying to figure out what is going on here.

(Rydelia Fayn): I can help explain, then.
(Rydelia Fayn): The City of Marali is announcing another Great Hunt, as we did last year.
(Rydelia Fayn): We are taking the initiative in expelling elements of The Creed from our lands.
(Gladash): Ah, wasn't it golems and the like last year?
(Rydelia Fayn): Indeed. * nods * Last year, it was the D.D.D that ran amuck in our forests.
(Rydelia Fayn): Though the Creed was also present, to a lesser extent.
(Rydelia Fayn): We are sparing no expense for this effort, of course.

(Rydelia Fayn): Should you find any elements of The Creed: their mercenaries, wraiths, liches...
(Rydelia Fayn): ...skeleton archers, and any other undead...
(Gladash): Right, I am familiar with their ranks.
(Rydelia Fayn): Very good. And so we are proudly offering various bounties on all of them.
(Rydelia Fayn): The largest bounties are reserved for the liches, and the wraiths are second-highest.
(Rydelia Fayn): Perilous threats all.
(Gladash): Can I ask what the rewards to the bounties are?
(Rydelia Fayn): Yes, of course.
(Rydelia Fayn): For each Lich encampment found and eradicated, Marali will award an Ice Crystal.
(Rydelia Fayn): For each Wraith encampment, a Class Token.
(Gladash): Oh, very nice.
(Rydelia Fayn): We only request that any hunters return coordinates of whichever encampment.
(Rydelia Fayn): This is critical knowledge that will help us stay one step ahead of the enemy.
(Gladash): Very well.

(Rydelia Fayn): I wish you luck on the Hunt, should you be partaking.


  • a7dmpds5hu6q.png
    1530 N by 1205 E
    Sir Gladash of the Sect of the Crystal stumbled upon a skeleton archer and two bone mages surrounding a corpse on a spike. They had written on the corpse in blood. Around the body some of the following items were found on the ground: a bow, a purple robe, and a quiver of arrows. Gladash suspected it was the missing scout from Marali.
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