Pirate's Cove and the Witch Doctor

It was Growing Moon, and the full moon reflected on the tides as the rogue Gladash set off for Brigobaen from the beach of Andris. With him he had eight daggers, more than a few more than normal. As he entered Brigobaen he noticed pixies dancing about, not showing any sign of aggression. Father Aldus greeted him as he was being thrown about by some more pixies and trying to avoid stepping on any eggs on the ground. He told Gladash this was a new game he was inventing for The Feast of Elara. He designed it to bring about some joy on an otherwise solemn feast day.


Gladash gave the game a try and did terribly, even volunteering to encounter magic took him out of his comfort zone. After the game, Father Aldus informed him that he had seen poison elementals following a man wearing an oddly colored set of leather armor. There were also rumors that Pirate’s Cove had a back door that they missed the last time they were there.

Gladash knew it was likely the Witch Doctor, who hangs around a group of privateers. They had encountered each other before, on a day when they first discovered a portal key to take you from New Mirith to the Pirate’s Cove – a bottle of Red Nate’s Rotgut Rum. The Pirate’s Cove was a small cave on the island close to skull island, just 2 islands west of Skull Island. On that occasion, Gladash had managed to bring this Witch Doctor close to death before he managed to escape.

His conversation with Father Aldus had piqued his interest, so he decided he would make way to New Mirith to use the portal to Pirate’s Cove. First, Gladash visited Mom’s Bake Shop in hopes to buy some rum, but he ended up trading a couple of blue roses for it instead of purchasing it.


After getting his rum, he made way to New Mirith’s portal and took it to Pirate’s Cove. Upon his arrival there was no one in the cave, but a couple of poison elementals. He explored for the back entrance. Once he found it, he was greeted by a couple of sea serpents nearly within their biting reach. He managed to get to land in time. While Gladash was exploring, he found a ship that had been badly damaged in their last visit to this island with a privateer still living on it. He continued to explore and found a few more privateers protecting a chest and finally saw the Witch Doctor in the distance, with their poison elementals and a few privateers standing by. Gladash pursued the witch doctor but they managed to escape, but he did find the remnants of a camp on one of the islands to the North East.

(Note: The entrance to Pirate’s Cove is just South West of where I am in the screen shot, on the North East side of the rock formation)


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