Poisoned Daggers and Rogues in Black

The wizard went back to the camp. Only a black bear now, where so many skeletons and zombies has been, just an hour earlier. She rummaged the shelters once more and grabbed the book. It was dumb of her to leave it behind the first time. She had warned the guards, both in the Looting Jesters and in town, she had done her duty. She would keep the book, however, at least until she knew its contents. All ancient tomes look the same, until they start acting up. Once back in town, it was time to leave a note to the remaining guild.

“Dear Bronte,

Just a word of warning. Earlier today, Gladash and I ran into a camp taken over by undead. From all the things there (poison daggers and all), it was likely the Creed’s doing. For some reason, they seem to have left in a hurry.

Alas, they were not all gone. As I was returning to town, I was attacked by a rogue. My fireball hit him back, but didn’t kill him. I say him… I’m not even sure of the gender. May have been a woman. It was all very fast. Whatever it was, it was clad in black and seemed relatively weak in the arts of the dagger. Much better in the art of hiding, as I couldn’t find him, her, again. I'm sure it wasn't Laricen!

I have warned the guards, but wanted your guild to be aware, too.

Hoping all is well and that we will meet soon for an adventure,



  • "P.S. - They like steak flambé!"
  • Oi! Something arrived for you!
    Dharma hollered as he stepped into the hall. The cleric twirled the bulk of her hair away from her face, securing it atop her head with an arrow before bringing a bottle of whiskey to her lips, her left index finger tapping in rapid succession, drawing attention to the loosely rolled parchment on the table. He held it towards the light and skimmed through.

    No surprises there. He was quite familiar with Creed’s handiwork, particularly their recent expeditions to secure wild beasts for what he presumed to be heinous experiments: Black dragons from depths of the Atoll; Liches from beneath the center of the Tree Maze. Weren't they also involved in some funny business in Skull Island and in the volcano with some Artificer? With the labyrinth underneath the city providing relatively easy access to notable dungeons, it wasn’t a matter of if but when the Creed would turn their attention up north. He pulled out a chair and penned his response.
    Thanks for the heads up Cass, and your commitment to Marali.
    There. I said it. Well... wrote it if we’re being pedantic. His unsuccessful attempt at suppressing a smile earned him a scowl from the cleric. Ahem! he inked his quill and continued to scribble.
    Now regarding that mysterious rogue, I have no guesses but agree it couldn’t have been Laricen. One has a higher chance of stumbling across a dragon’s egg than getting a glimpse of the man these days!

    I have notified the rest of our guildmates, checked our supplies and plan on sticking around for a while - except for the routine excursions organized by Lord Hayate and friends - should this prove to be more than minor disturbance. I have also informed Shivani who’s taking up residence here lately. Though I have my reservations on that... She has been engrossed in - nay dare I say obsessed with - those potions insisting she’s “just a little closer to perfecting them.”

    I do hope to see you more often on the excursions or otherwise around town.

    With Shuab and the Royal Guard becoming regular fixtures on the hunt, it was only a matter of time, no?

    While waiting on the ink to dry, he turned his attention to Cherudim. He had encountered a few Night Harpies during a trip to the newly discovered cave in Foehan but it was first time observing one at such close range and without a helmet. He stroked the bird's crown and fastened a canister to her right leg in preparation for the delivery. Shivani preferred the hall's stable whenever she was in town and as such Bronte had developed a special bond with her pets overtime. He recalled the short postscript on Cass' letter. Steak Flambé eh? reminiscing on his brief stint as a chef brought on by Rameses, the feline with a penchant for charred meat, who often accompanied Shivani in her youth.
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