To Nasrith Neross, wherever he may be

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My dearest Commander Neross,
Nasrith, the Maralian,

Remember the day you invited me to join the Vanguard? I may have never told you, but you said four magic words. “We don’t need you.”

Had you said otherwise, I’d have ran away, you can be sure. It was the certainty that you *really* didn’t need me that made me want to stay. You didn’t need me, but you wanted me in your ranks, nonetheless.

Since then, never have I felt so much at home, never have I met such a wonderful and loyal group of friends. Time has come to thank you for the invitation. And I thought it would be just a temporary thing, for a moon or two…

So, this letter now is to return the kindness. It would be fantastic if you came back to your own Vanguard. Many of us have been around lately, but it would be great to see our commander again. Because we like you, because we could be having fun.

But we don’t need you.


((or, at least, visit us on discord:


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