Explosive Mage

A letter is posted in the Marali bank:


It may have come to your attention that there is a strange Wizard hanging about the Marali woods, especially the Mercenary Cave north of the Dragon's Mouth. This is correct information; however, the full story contains more complications.

In the waning days of the Sleeping Moon, Year 452, Nial and an ally thought to inspect the Mercenary Cave for any disturbances. Finding a number of Undead and thinking them to be extraordinary, they called upon other adventurers to assist.

After clearing the Undead and venturing into the lower portions of the cave, the group encountered a black-clad magic user named Zaelrem, also known as "Z." He appeared to have several explosive boxes as some sort of security system or perhaps amusement, and he warned that accessing them would likely be fatal.

Furthermore, Zaelrem has in his possession some manner of magical tome. Rest assured that this book is contained and does not present a threat to Marali at this time. As it has been properly enclosed in a secure location, citizens are discouraged from actively seeking it out. If it is sighted again, please report it to Maralian authorities.

Although Zaelrem may seem dangerous and unpredictable, he was actually instrumental in Marali's plans in 452. As such, he should be treated with a degree of caution and respect for being an unintended assistant to the late Commander McTyr and current Commander Fayn. He has been a great asset and current researcher, and he will continue to serve as such until further notice.

Thank you for your understanding in this serious matter.
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