Return of Rellia

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Lillium, Aerowyn, Rhett and Alidar wander the woods of Marali. Near mercenary cave, they stumble upon bootprints and decide to investigate. They approached the cave.

"Brigands," said Aerowyn.

They were clad in black, Fiadoryx's men. Just a small group, they were easily and quickly dispatched. They decided to investigate further, and approached the cave opening. A poisonous fog arose from the ground as Rhett, Alidar and Aerowyn stepped on the now-familiar runes. Z's special flavor of traps. The three struggled to catch their breath as Lillium stood afar, and tried her best to detox the poison from their system. It seemed to be unusually long-lasting this time. Once the fog finally dissipated, they entered the cave. More runes.

"i'm sure there will be more poison," Lillium warned.

They continued ahead wantonly. More poison fog arose.

"Please come back," the cleric begged, mana reserves running low. "It's very difficult to keep up with the detox!"

The three returned to the cleric, zombies and poison in tow.

"Bone mages ahead," Rhett warned.


As the fog dissipated yet again, the group slowly advanced. They fought the undead creatures filling the cave, down the long hallway, and into the more open room, where they were unexpectedly met with an Artificer of The Black Hand. He had nothing to say, and surprisingly, didn't put up much of a fight.

* Mora Olsa Preldian, * he chanted. And was suddenly gone.

Not wanting to leave any stone unturned, they pushed forward to the lower level. The library.


"You won't get a word out of me!" a lone mage shouted to the adventurers, gripping her silver long sword with white knuckles.


"Who are you and where's the Artificer you serve? I know how to use this!" she demanded.

Lillium cast protective spells over her, in an attempt to reassure the visibly shaken mage.
"We serve no artificer," the cleric responded.

"Sure you don't. He attacks, and two moments later you follow behind?" the stranger questioned.

"He attacked us, then came down here. Where is he?" Rhett asked.

"Nobody came down here," she responded.

"Hmm, then he must have used an incantation to escape," Aerowyn added.

"I did hear the Black Magic teleportation spell. So he used it, then," the stranger agreed.

"I am not stupid, I saw him come down here," Rhett retorted.
"Who are you? What are you doing down here? Up to no good I imagine," the fighter continued.

"As you can see, metal man, there are more ways to leave than by ladder. This is MY library. What are YOU doing here?" the stranger responded, then seemed to let down her defenses with a sigh.

"I can see you are not with the Artificer, then," she trailed off.

"Well your library was infiltrated by undead and the Artificer," Rhett said.

"Those undead are part of our defenses, to keep away prying eyes such as his," the mage responded.

"As well as brigands," Rhett added. "You should be thanking us they didn't get to you."

"Brigands?" she asked, with a puzzled look on her face. "What insignia did they wear?"

"Brigands in black robes. We didn't catch the insignia," Lillium said.

"Black robes are a telltale sign of Fiadoryx of the D.D.D."

"Yes, it looked like his men," Alidar agreed.

"I assume they were with the Artificer, then. Yes. That man was seeking to peruse my library. Screaming about the curio, of all things." the stranger added.

Lillium's face contorted with worry.

"Your library? I don't see your name on it anywhere," the fighter became suddenly aggressive.

"You are a bold one, stranger. In case you don't know, I BUILT this library."

"Is that so? What is your name?" Rhett mocked.

"You are speaking to Rellia. I built it decades ago," she responded.

Yes, that Rellia. The mercenary cleric that once led an army with Jassen, and current member of The Black Hand.

"Never heard of you. Must not be that important then," Rhett continued ignorantly.

"You don't look like much of a historian," she deflected. "Now, even if I did have the information that was sought by the Artificer... I don't see why I ought to help him. I appreciate your services in rebuffing him. Though the metal man ought to take a look at my tomes on manners and civility.." she added.

"It was a pleasure, but Rhett is a barbarian. It will take more than a book." Aerowyn responded in an attempt to lighten the tone.

"Well, we should be leaving you now... tell Z his traps were especially potent today," Lillium said with a smile.

"Very good. He is coming along quickly. Don't go so quickly, though. Your services deserve a reward. I do not have much, but never let it be said I am am not a woman of honor!" she said, as she handed a pouch to Aerowyn. "Please ensure it is divided fairly."

"Ooh, thank you!" Aerowyn exclaimed, peering into the bag of goods. "Well our work here is clearly done, that fella bogged off at the very sight of us."

"I will not forget it. If ever you seek the type of knowledge that you can't find in Brigobaen... you know where to look," she gestured at one of her bookshelves.

"Rellia, you're not what I expected!" Lillium added - remembering the many bloody battles from the past, which Rellia sometimes led.

"Don't believe everything you hear, miss!"

"Thank you... I'll keep that in mind," the cleric responded.

Rellia led the group out to safety, as she disabled the undead traps. She returned to her library, and the group camped in Marali for the night.
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