• Aaaaaand it's out! cheesey

    Dang this update took a while... But every single part of it is very well worth the wait! I've rarely been this excited by releasing new content and eager to hear your feedback.
    As the title says this update is quite of an eye candy, and you will soon realize that!

    So.. Less babbling more update goodness smile

    New content

    - Drag and drop Inventory sorting! This is not a surprise for anyone, you can now sort your inventory window as easily as using Drag and Drop to move things around. To prevent any accident, you need to shift-click and drag an item to sort them. This way we won't have people drinking to drink a potion in a hurry and accidently dragging it instead. Only the Inventory can be sorted right now, Bank, Pets, Party, and other windows will come with later updates.

    - Druids will now receive feedback when their pet's hunger reaches a critical level. If you see the "Your pet is starving!" message, you had better feed your pet fast or it will die from starvation.

    - Different shops can now sell/buy things at different prices. For example, the Mirith's reagent shop could sell Coal for 3gp buy it for 2gp a piece while the Andris' reagent shop could sell it for 2gp and buy it for 1gp a piece. Those prices will vary depending on many things.

    - Sharing was reactivated. When your sharing is on, whenever you complete a NPC quest, you will share the experience rewarded with each person that is online on your party list. For example, if your sharing is enabled, and you complete a quest that is worth 20 experience points while 4 people are online on your party list, everyone will receive 20/5=4 experience point. You can enable sharing by typing /sharing on and disable it by typing /sharing off. You can see someone has sharing enabled when a (S) appears after their name on your party list. Sharing does not work with RTQ related experience points.

    - You can now lose experience points during RTQs. We will mostly use this feature on people who misbehave in front of Quest Characters or fail in a given quest. Whenever that happens, you will receive a "You lose XXX experience points." message.

    - An AFK timer was added. Being totally inactive in Oberin for 5 minutes will flag you as AFK (Away From Keyboard). A small bubble will appear over your head when that happens. That has absolutely no other effect then to warn other players and GMs that you are AFK and will most probably not answer them.

    - The "Strength" cleric spell has a new visual effect.
    - The "Agility" cleric spell has a new visual effect.
    - The "Elevate Mind" cleric spell has a new visual effect.
    - The "Magic Reflection" cleric spell has a new visual effect.
    - The "Reflective Armor" cleric spell has a new visual effect.
    - The "Explosion" wizard spell visual effect was changed a bit.
    - The "Resurrection" cleric spell has a new visual effect.

    - Druids can now craft a new potion: "Opportunity potion". The effect of the potion is described below. It requires an Alchemy level of at least 5 to craft the potion.

    - The following Guild Emblems have been added: Ordo Illuminatis, Black Roses.

    New spells

    - Magic Arrow

    Requirements: Magery/Wizard level 1
    MP Cost: 6
    Reagents needed: 1 Piece of Coal.
    Effect: Creates a magical arrow that will fly to the Wizard's target. This arrow deals very little damage.
    This spell introduces a new gameplay to Oberin: distance to your target when casting spells. Magic Arrow is not an instant damage spell. When you cast it, the arrow will travel to your target, and only then hit and damage them. The closer you are, the faster it will take to damage your target. Casting Magic Arrow at point blank will damage your target instantly.

    - Fireball

    Requirements: Magery/Wizard level 9
    MP Cost: 54
    Reagents needed: 1 Volcanic Ash, 1 Piece of Coal, 1 Dragon Tooth.
    Effect: A fireball hurls from the Wizard's hands to the target. This is a highly damaging spell. Just like Magic Arrow, the Fireball will have to travel to your target before damaging them. Fireball travels slower than a Magic Arrow. Casting Fireball at point blank will instantly damage your target.

    - Disorientation Field

    Requirements: Magery/Wizard level 10
    MP Cost: 60
    Reagents needed: 1 Garlic, 1 Poison Gland, 1 Dragon Tooth.
    Effect: This spell works just like the "disorientation" spell only it will affect everyone on the Wizard's screen.

    - Mass Heal

    Requirements: Magery/Cleric level 10
    MP Cost: 60
    Reagents needed: 3 Ginsengs, 1 Dragon Tooth
    Effect: This powerful healing spell will instantly heal everyone in a 5 tiles radius of the cleric.

    - Opportunity

    Requirements: Magery/Druid level 10
    MP Cost: 60
    Reagents needed: 1 Amber, 1 Piece of Coal, 1 Electric Eel, 1 Dragon Tooth
    Effect: This support spell can be cast on the Druid or one of their allies. Casting the spell will change the opportunity of any creature attacking the target into switching to another player who is currently damaging it.
    For example, if your pet is attacking a Giant, but the Giant targets you, casting the spell on yourself will have the Giant be much more likely to switch to your pet. You can also cast the spell on any friendly player so that anyone else can pick up any monster attacking them much more easily.
    The Opportunity potions are a limited version of the spell, in that they will be less effective.

    Tweaks and changes

    - The amount of damage reflected by the cleric spell "Reflective Armor" was slightly increased.
    - Being totally inactive on Oberin for 15 minutes will get you disconnected from the game.

    Bug fixes

    - Fixed a few graphical bugs in the map.
    - Fixed a bug in guards' behavior that would make them teleport at times.
    - Fixed a glitch in the Character Window that would not properly update some GM items
    - Fixed a few more grammar/spelling mistakes
    - Fixed a slight feedback mistake: "You are getting very hungry." now reads "You are starving!" as intended.
    - Dropping gold on a container will no longer make it disappear after 3 minutes.
    - Guild Halls chests are now properly saved every 5 minutes. In the worst case scenario, a server crash will revert your chests to their content of 5 minutes ago.
    - If a player dies on the corpse of another player, or on a container that they can't pick up (e.g. "Only XXX can take"), the server will attempt to move their body to a safe location before death (the keyword being "attempt").
    - Banned characters that have later been unbanned will no longer find themselves naked on Jinker's island.

    Be sure to report any bug you could find with this version. I hope you enjoy it! shades

  • Great job!! I love the drag and drop inventory. Now I need to advance my wizard a couple of levels to check out the new spells.

    Thanks for all the hard work!

  • Great job, Stefan and everyone! Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks for the update, cant wait for what comes next. smile And what about the melee classes?

    PS: Will there be new map areas/towns and (by a long shot) new classes?

  • Thanks for the good work on the update

  • Nice work smile

    I'll just give my opinion on the wizard spells.

    Magic arrow is nice but it may be a little too good.
    I'd suggest upping the mana cost to 10 or 12
    all the magic arrows cause quite a bit of lag too.

    Fireball is expensive... and it's about the same as lighting bolt
    The dragon tooth cost is too much to be used other than for fun.

    Disorient field would be fine if you could cast on the monsters disoriented.
    It's still not bad the way it is.

  • Love the 'opportunity' stuff for druids.
    Thanks and well done!

  • most of this means little to me, but w/e. still an awesome update. good job guys. ^-^

    one little suggestion though, i think the afk bubble things should also be given a keyboard command, like /afk or something

  • That amezin, but very very not useful is disconnect from game when 15 min we dont active.

  • You are great Stefan, and Jinker too!!

    It seems as you took my idea magic arrow? cheesey (or did you have it before?) smile

    A great update. I thank you so much!

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