• Citizens,

    Beware on approaching the red city by the main gate!

    Resident wizard Fuoco reports of strange cobwebs in the woods

    The guards are on high alert and there is a sign warning visitors of the danger

    Giants, Poison Elementals, Poison Beasts and Giant Spiders have gathered in forces  just outside te city walls. Scouts have been sent to check other areas of our continent and we shall endeavour to keep the population informed of any further developments.

    The Editor


  • *Bertrand posts a message at the bank for all to see*


    It seems that the efforts to clear the forest around Andris paid off and the Old Gypsy was able to make it into the fair city of Andris. Satyricon sent messages to let citizens hear of her arrival, and Zaji, Shivani, and Bertrand soon joined. The Old Gypsy asked many questions about Nystral's Tower, and expressed interest in reaching the top. However, we were unable to give her all the answers she was looking for due to how long ago the Tower was last explored. She asked detailed questions regarding what trinkets were needed for each floor. Maybe soon some explorers will be brave enough to adventure once again into the Tower. As a show of good faith the Old Gypsy read our fortunes while we were there in exchange for items that will assist her in her quest to reach the top of the Tower.



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