• Citizens,

    Beware on approaching the red city by the main gate!

    Resident wizard Fuoco reports of strange cobwebs in the woods

    The guards are on high alert and there is a sign warning visitors of the danger

    Giants, Poison Elementals, Poison Beasts and Giant Spiders have gathered in forces  just outside te city walls. Scouts have been sent to check other areas of our continent and we shall endeavour to keep the population informed of any further developments.

    The Editor


  • *Bertrand posts a message at the bank for all to see*


    It seems that the efforts to clear the forest around Andris paid off and the Old Gypsy was able to make it into the fair city of Andris. Satyricon sent messages to let citizens hear of her arrival, and Zaji, Shivani, and Bertrand soon joined. The Old Gypsy asked many questions about Nystral's Tower, and expressed interest in reaching the top. However, we were unable to give her all the answers she was looking for due to how long ago the Tower was last explored. She asked detailed questions regarding what trinkets were needed for each floor. Maybe soon some explorers will be brave enough to adventure once again into the Tower. As a show of good faith the Old Gypsy read our fortunes while we were there in exchange for items that will assist her in her quest to reach the top of the Tower.



  • 最近Foretellerに会うことを希望して、 Andris に移動しました。今日街はにぎやかそうみたいです。銀行の北の角でさまざまの声を聞くことができます。 銀行に近づくと、ZajiさんとSatyriconさんと古いジプシーを見た

    Shivani: こんばんは
    Zaji: こんばんは
    Satyricon: タワーの頂上へたどり着くために、どのアイテムが必要?
    Shivani: んー そこに行ったことがありませんが、各階はべつのアイテムが必要だそうです 。 
    Satyricon: 赤い砂を考えましたが、おそらく違う。。。
    Shivani: Old Sword? Jade Statue?
    Satyricon:ううん、Old Swordじゃない

    **Bertrand が到着した**

    Old Gypsy: ああ rogue です! 彼は私が求める情報を持っている可能性があります。

    南のタワーでポータルを使用するには、どのようなアイテム が必要ですか?
    Bertrand: えっと。。。
    Old Gypsy: 皆は推測しているみたい。。。
    Bertrand: えっと。。。赤いクリスタルでAndrisに戻るができる。
    Old Gypsy
    : 私はすでにAndrisにいるので, それを要らないです。
    Shivani: ドラホン階の寺でGinsengを下ろしたら、出ますよ、そうしてBrigoの寺にテレポートされてよ。
    Satyricon**銀行からもらった本を調べて** 今覚えている! ゴーレムが各階のポータルをガードします。彼の謎を解いたら、かぎをうけとって.
    Old Gypsy: **慎重に聞いています**
    Satyricon**本のページをめくる** 。。収蔵品 。。
    Old Gypsy:!!どんな収蔵品?教えてください!
    Satyricon: チェスの駒?
    Old Gypsy: だれかチェスの駒もっていますか? いない?赤い砂は?
    Shivani: どっちらもってないが町を出て東へ行くと、砂クモが見えます。クモを殺したら赤い砂をもらうことができます
    Old Gypsy: ああ。。。それは困ったことになるね。私、殺しは大嫌いです。
    Shivani: あららGypsyさんは殺しを嫌いなのにタワーの頂上へ行きたい? それは悪戦苦闘ですね
    Old Gypsy: さて、Satyriconさん, 情報の報酬を与えるでしょう. 手相を見せます
    Satyricon:* 手を出します *
    Old Gypsy: 何を知りたいですか?
    Satyricon: 魔術お願いします
    Old Gypsy: **GYPSYさんはSatyriconさんの手のひらに指をおいた**
    あの手のひらラインはあなたの魔法を測定する。このラインはあなたがどれくらい知っているかを示します。。。魔術はXX% です。
    Satyricon: そっかありがとう!
    Old Gypsy
    :いいえ いいえ。他の人, 面白い贈り物を与えたら、占いをします.
    Bertrand: どんなを考えているのですか? お金はどう? Old Gypsy: お金はちょっと。。。でもSunstone Ringに興味があす
    *Bertrand からSunstone Ring もらった、手のひらに指をおいた*
    Old Gypsy:
    Bertrand:Special に興味がある
    Old Gypsy:
    Satyricon: えっと。。。...Ancient Tomeはどうですか?、またはおそらくMystic Sigil?
    Zaji: *Old Gypsyにお金を贈った* medi ください
    Old Gypsy: *Gypsyは催眠状に入る*
    成功の総数 は XXXXXXです
    Old Gypsy: 私はまだタワーの情報に興味があります. 何かを見つけたら教えてください. 報いますよ! じゃ、私, pixieを訪問する必要がありますさらば!
    Satyricon: 近い将来タワーへHUNTを計画するがいいですね, すぐに戦いな満月になる

  • (This post contains spoilers related to the Tower riddles)

    *Rhodes posts an open letter at the Andris bank for the Old Gypsy to see*


    In your quest to reach the top of Nystral's Tower the following information might be of help. Shivani and Rhodes recently took a trip there while the effects of the moon were strong. The first room in the Tower contains only rats and bats. When we journeyed up the ladder to the next room we found gooeys and rats until we came to a pool of water. To my shock there were two Sea Serpents in the pool! Shivani was able to provoke the SS and we were able to pass by safely. Once up the the room is full of poison creatures. We continued south and ran into some gapers and spiders. Going up the next ladder we found a chest with some red crystals, and a maze of lava followed by a large group of poison creatures. We went up the ladder and found spiders, gapers, and bone mages. Pressing on we found a portal with a Sand Golem who posed the following riddle:

    "In silence I tell my tale, my spine stiff as a board and my body pale.
    Leaves you will find inside, through they not from nature be.
    A wonderland lives inside me."

    Shivani was able to figure it out and provided the golem with the answer of a 'book'. The Sand Golem asked for a red crystal which we passed and a red token was then provided. We dropped the red token into the portal and the next floor contained a colony of warrior ants mixed in with gapers and bone mages. Fighting through them we found another portal and Sand Golem who posed the following riddle.

    "Bright like diamonds yet loud like thunder.
    Ever flowing, a thing of wonder."

    Shivani provided the correct answer of a 'waterfall'. The Sand Golem said to pass a ginseng for the token which we did and it handed a copper coin. We were transported to a maze of hallways. Once we were thick in the maze we realized we had to head East to escape, the West direction looked very packed with Bone Mages, Gapers, HHs, and many poison creatures. Various chests contained chess pieces that we collected for later. Eventually we found the Sand Golem and portal to which the following riddle was posed:

    "A sentinel, with range and power, a chariot trapped inside a tower.
    Lesser but certainly not the least.
    Sliding he will cover your retreat, then red to the ground your friends to meet.
    A jester, an archer, a man of the cloth? Hand me your answer and choose."

    We gambled with the rook and were rewarded with 20 black tokens. Once we dropped the black tokens we were transported to a room that looked like a sewer. Walking on we came to a dead end but were attacked by pixies. Eventually the pixies got angry and teleported us across the sewage to the other side to be attacked by poison creatures and blink hounds. Once past them we found a portal and Sand Golem who posed the following riddle:

    "It can build castles or tear down craggy peaks.
    It can make men blind or help them see."

    Rhodes provided the correct answer of 'sand' and the Sand Golem said to pass it some pixie dust for the next key. We could hear loud roaring and stomping from above so we were too scared to proceed further and dropped a red crystal into the portal to escape back to Andris.

    Hopefully this information is of use to you, please let us know if you would like to examine any of the trinkets/tokens.

    Rhodes & Shivani