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    (Actually the hunt described below took place on Sunday - silly me!)

    On Day 167 of the Lucky Moon, Year 447, we went to Marali cemetery and made irruption into the crypt:

    After fighting one or two Wraiths, the group transferred to Lerilin and walked to the Volcano. Satyricon was chased by Pixies - we do not know what he does to the ladies!

    On the path that leads to the Volcano, there were some rather large footprints on the ground, which seemed to head south

    We were naturally curious to see where they led so we followed them. A mighty flapping of wings preceded the sight of a Forest Dragon - had he come to visit his distant cousins?

    Call us barbarians if you like, but we cut his visit short.

    Having established that the woods nearby did not hide any further surprises, we entered the Volcano and once again descended into the caverns where Magma Golems and Hell Mages dwell. Our guests of honour this week were Bronte, Bertrand and Varto.

    Davon Semris and his pet were too tired to accompany us any further and found a safe spot in which to rest awhile.

    It was an intense fight to ascend to the upper levels and cross the two bridges, but we made it thus far without loss of lives except... past the second bridge, a dead body amongst the stalagmites caught our attention - we rushed towards it and found it was the corpse of Kotori - she had managed to venture this far, all alone, in an attempt to join us. We gathered her belongings and moved on, but I died too - trapped by a Hell Hound, a Fire Elemental and a Red Draco, I was unable to survive. Thankfully my companions were close by and I was soon restored to life.

    We returned to Mirith and here I parted from my friends. Rumour has it that a little gnome, trapped in the bowels of the Volcano while mining for ore, was rescued by a Pixie and taken into the open air and freedom.


  • On Saturday 23 September we visited the Dungeon below the Tree Maze. Ranger Nial joined the usual suspects:

    On Saturday 30 September our chosen hunting destination was the infamous Ice Dungeon. Eliriel and J'adore joined the group. Gasby was there too but she had stealthed!

    I asked if anybody ever killed the Sea Serpent in the pool to the south west so we all moved down there. It proved to be a very risky move - I had not realised that we would be in sight of Ice Golems and Gapers. I still do not know how I stayed alive - a Gaper teleported me first to the Sea Serpent, who bit me, then to an Ice Golem who was in company of a Poison Elemental. I did, however, die later when we moved to the main area with the frozen pools - a Dragon suddenly got interested in me, and later I was teleported by a Gaper to an Ice Golem!