• - Rosina's narrative -

    For those of you who have never seen a Wraith, this is what the beast looks like:

    It had once upon a time appeared at Andris Cemetery, in company of Skeleton Archers:

    But things were not quite as expected and there was only one obvious conclusion...

    This Saturday, news reached us that something had changed in respect of this monster, so a few of us went to ferret it out in one of its dwelling places - the Mirith Crypt:

    There was some concern when the Wraith forced its way into the little room, as clerics are generally not strong enough to absorb its vicious blows

    Thankfully, the Wraith seemed to be happy to inflict wounds to its attackers, leaving Rosina and mikomi in relative peace. In the partial darkness of the crypt, some shiny object caught our attention and our eyes opened wide with marvel when we identified it as a Silver Leaf!

    In a moment when the clanging of weapons, the hissing of arrows, the noise of Lighting Bolts and the soft murmur of the healers' spells had died down, we heard some cries for help...


    To our immense surprise, we found that Zaji and Danery had been held  prisoners! No sooner had our companions rescued them, than we were confronted by a new adversary - a Skeleton Archer!

    Presents were distributed to lighten the spirits after the intense fighting. Our trophies were two Silver Leaves, two Silver Battleaxes (which by the way had proved useful to combat the Wraith), many Holy Daggers and Dragon Teeth, a small fortune in gold, a Longbow of Speed and a Lesser Mana Ring. Kingly treasures for daring to fight a lethal adversary!

    The Wraith is Level 15, inflicts serious injuries and can cause real problems with its Disorient Field spells - it is vital that clerics keep protecting themselves with Magic Reflect spells, otherwise they cannot heal their companions and death might ensue. The Skeleton Archer can inflict great injuries with its special attacks, as Rosina found out later that day. She reckons it would take at least 3 high level clerics to keep casting Turn Undead spells while gulping Full Heal potions!

    - End of Rosina's narrative -

    In short, it is not advisable for healers to fight these archers on their own:


  • Later that day Rosina returned to Andris, where she narrated her tale and informed me the Giants were causing trouble outside the city walls, so I went out to check the situation and had the good fortune and the great surprise of meeting a dear old friend and former Rebel brother - Ranger Flingee.

    And all is well that ends better!