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    Waning of the Blue Moon, Year 446

    My niece and I returned to our home in Andris after some length of time and were astonished at the crowd of people we found. For a moment I deluded myself into thinking that maybe news of Senator Morgans had reached town and citizens had gathered because of that, but the truth is we are in the dark about the whole business. Was this on account of the Blue Moon? To my dismay I saw what reminded me of a void portal right near the bank

    and my niece found something scribbled outside the restaurant - it seems to read something like 'WaldO' or 'Wald0' - a mystery to us!

    We are puzzled by the whole business but in the meantime wish to report that the cleric at the temple is missing - if he is in town, it is difficult to spot him in the middle of the crowd for sure, therefore it is impossible to trade crystals for pures.

    The potion shop is also unattanded but the shopkeepers must be very trusting indeed (or perhaps not that interested), because they have left a pricelist of all stock. People can help themselves from the shelves and leave the gold in a basket.



  • Things in Andris have long returned to normal and it all seems to be about families now - aunts and nieces in daily tasks, families of Brackens and Poison Beasts...

    It is naturally my niece that finds the odd ones...

    ... and life goes on!


  • At the begining of the Lucky Moon, Year 447, some other familes have made an appearance in Andris... maybe the sheep were trying to pull wool over my niece's eyes?

    ... and then cats, mimicking her 'purring':


  • And the trend continues... this is how Modlin was greeted back by the Andris woods during the Full Lucky Moon (I think there was a fourth Gaper nearby):

    Modlin told me that she saw Wizard Nunzio by the city gates - a most mysterious player... Fuoco used to meet him occasionally in Marali, years ago, but apart from polite greetings no conversation was ever held smile

    Earlier that day Fuoco and Zaji had gone for a walk, looking for bags. On a Skeleton by the Andris Bridge, they found a Blue Robe of Protection and a set of Blue Plate Legs, which she gave to Zaji. They continued their walk along the Mirith coast, past Welif, crossed the Lerilin Bridge and, in its proximity, they found a family of Sea Serpents (they counted 4) - only one was female. They continued their walk towards Brigobaen and, from there, they set sail for Andris, where they met Rogue Konbeto. Later that day Fuoco went east and found another family of Sea Serpents swimming close to Crescent Isle - she came to town triumphant and presented me with 3 Purple Eggs, which I collect then trade in Mirith for my * Bol Shoo * rings.

  • Meanwhile, at the harbour, curiosity killed the cat!