• So, with the full moon coming to a close, Gasby and I decided to go for a hunt in Phase Lake. But when we arrived at the entrance point we found it to be blocked. I know that there was an entrance there before, as I've used it plenty of times, but we checked every nook and cranny and weren't able to get in. So my question: is this some sort of oversight, or was Phase Lake purposefully made inaccessible, or is it just that I've gone crazy and that there never actually was a Phase Lake to begin with?

    I must say I was more than a little bit disappointed to be turned back, considering how much of a... challenge it can be to get there in the first place.


    We ended up having to content ourselves with the less-intimidating Gaper Lake to the west. Still, all things considered it was a very fun and productive evening, and full moon for that matter. cheesey


  • Something is amiss Jedd. Last time Fuoco tried she could not see the entrance/gap. I seem to recall GMs can see it. Cannot remember if it was Bobley I addressed the matter with. The gap was exactly in the place your first picture shows, quite close to the Marali Catacombs