• I tried to examine the attack power of the craft tool.
    Ig Nobel Prize?


  • I do think you get an Ig Noble prize, Hayate san.

    It is interesting information, however. It makes sense that Hand Axes do more damage than Fishing/Eel/Lobster Poles, but Wrestling lvl. 9 being weaker than an Amber Axe is strange.

    This means that Clerics should wield DHA (if they have lots) over Hand Axes of Power, since "oP" weapons only do roughly 35-50% more [additional testing pending] than regular, non-GM weapons.

    And it seems that Hand Axes of Speed would be the best non-GM Sickle/Sickle oS weapon for Clerics who want to go "warrior Cleric."

    Thank you for your testing, Hayate san. smile I like this information a lot.

  • I hear from Fixx that wrestling power was drastically reduced years ago. At level 12, Fuoco can one-punch kill a rat and it takes still a few punches to send a Forager Ant running! Rosina has the same wrestling level but without casting agility on herself with one punch she sends a rat running, With agility she can kill a wolf in 3 punches. Seems a bit mean given the level smile Hand Axes of Speed are no good to clerics as they break even before sending a snake running. You need level 10 LJ to make them last a bit longer. Given the limited amount of weight a cleric can carry, levelling lumberjacking would be a long and tedious business.

  • Yeah, Fixx is right: Wrestling was nerfed, and I think it makes sense. While a "warrior Cleric" is a fun idea, it is dangerous for Clerics hunting in parties. Still, I do not think that will prevent Rosie and others from trying. wink

    I accidentally got half of Fuoco's Wrestling on Nial, and it takes him ages to Wrestle a Harpie into fleeing. At least in full plate, the Harpie's doing less damage to him than he is to it. smile

    Back on topic...I know for a fact it's possible for a Cleric to get LJ 10, but it requires fierce determination and lots of Strength Pots or Strength casts. Still, if a Cleric wants to go all "warrior Cleric" without using Sickles, it might be worth the 40-50 hour investment.

    I still want to see a Cleric solo a SS. It's been done before. cheesey