• I find myself a bit confused by this Jade business. When Stryker posted about Jade Dust, I said I had a Jade Amulet too but, after visiting Rebels Hall, I found it is a Jade Pin I have (as well as 3 Jade Statues).

    It would be nice to have some explanation about these Jade items - where they come from, which are for quests etc.

    I seem to remember though that, during the Scavenger hunts, Rosina and Gawr went to Duldrus to look for a clue and fought a Stone Golem - I believe she found the Jade Pin in the carcass!

    Stryker, talking of getting to GH to experiment with all sorts of weird and wonderful items in combination with Jade Dust, look at these items the Rebels are in possession of. Ohh... have you tried Jade Dust in combination with Zionidic Crystals?

    I wonder whether they will stay as memorabilia or some of them could find a purpose!


  • Ok - I believe I have at least part of the story now:

    Jade Statues: dropped by Magma Golems
    Jade Pins: dropped by Stone Golems
    Jade Amulets: dropped by Ice Golems

    If I remember correctly, Stryker indicated that all Jade items serve to make Jade Dust - is this right?

    and now I have forgotten where you get Copper Spoons from smile