• As the season of BMF comes close, and festivity is in the air, I am reminded of celebrations past and the games we used to play and those games we still do today. One such game that many probably aren't aware of is the fantastic, simple game called Guano.

    This game is played with a pet bat. All those playing give items to the pet bat, which then drop under it in a bag (thus the name, Guano). Depending on the people playing, items can be anything from reagents to minor rare items. It also isn't uncommon for people to give hints as to what they've added.

    The game then proceeds to its next part. All who gave items to the bat get to bid on the bag with all the items. Generally it is the druid's (or pet owner's) task to be the auctioneer.

    The final and most interesting part of Guano is that, instead of the gold being normally distributed, all who play roll a dice (d100) and the closest to 100 wins the gold!
    The last time I saw this game, it was at a Lerilin celebration many moons ago, and has since fallen into obscurity. Personally, I think it would be a welcome addition to the normal bidding, dice rolling, and bag exploding of normal BMF festivities.

    Also, I vaguely remember another game by the name of Roserade, but all I can recall is that there was a rose involved and that the goal was to figure out who had it. Does anyone remember this game?

    Also, does anyone remember other games that have been played throughout the ages?

  • Oh man. There's that "four years ago" again...I can still feel the adrenaline.

    Items can be anything from reagents to minor rare major rare items! You never know what's gonna be inside that bag. And from what I've seen, the people in the Oberin community tend to throw in a lot of valuable stuff. Then there's the dice roll at the end, which is where the magic happens. Anyone – rich or poor – can win big, so long as they had put something in the guano bag. And that something could be anything from a rat tail to 414 dragon teeth.

    In other news, Andris has gotten lax on its no-pet policy, so we don't have to worry about the game being interrupted by those pesky authorities. Just look at all the stray cats wandering around! A bat or two would surely go unnoticed.

    One more thing: I can't remember if we put a rule in place preventing the auction-winner from rolling for the gold. But we probably should...after what happened on that first fateful night tongue


  • Let's play that in Andris smile ! Unfortunately I haven't much time...but would join when I'm on smile

  • Yes that was Elwood's Pet Bat. That game really was fun. Hope to see you at the BMF.