• Mustafaa and Teleco II cleared the main fortress east of Port Gast clearing a dragon of each colour (unfortunately no black) and a magma golem. A clue remained pointing them towards an area west of Skull Dungeon.

    Upon ariving they were presented with another fortress sealed by bracken, inside there were three beasts of legends: the ancient forest, ice and red dragons.

    Mustafaa's blade had been sharpened from years of dragon slaying and he knew that with his faithful cleric they would conquer the beasts as they have done many times with an infinity of their young. They did not think a carpet could be made with these ancients but it was now for them to slay them and to take the glory in the name of FIVE.

    As the dragons that had met them before: the fate of the ancients was sealed.

    After a long and ardious battle all three ancients were slain by the duo; their heads now rest within the guild hall framed above the dining table. Unfortunately no eggs were found and FIVE's treasury weeps.