• Poll: Increase time period before monster respawn?
    Hello everyone. Here is a poll for you!

    Increase the time between monster spawns (in dungeons)!!
    (Aka: Decreasing spawn rates)

    (Changed spawn rates from current 5 minutes to 15 minutes before respawn.)

    Background idea
    I've always thought spawns in oberin is a bit too frequent, even in wilderness. And this is especially true in dungeons, where spawns can be seen in real time when the monsters "pop" up on the screen a moment before you just beat the prior spawn. This isn't as big of an issue in wilderness areas, but in dungeons I believe it beats the purpose of the actual dungeon.

    Isn't a dungeon a place that has to be traveresed through, having to fight monsters that lurk around the next corner, until you get to the end where tougher enemies, or even a "boss" might be, and then you arrive at the treasures...

    At the current state all we do in dungeons is find the most profitable spot with the most profitable monster and chests, kill them, then wait for respawn while mages hide. This is both not very intruiging, and it adds an atrifical difficulty in harder dungeons that is completely terrible, and only cuases headaches when the whole party gets wiped. In my opinion this has always been a flaw in oberin, but I dont think anyone ever has given it much thought.

    As a pespective I've been playing another online game on a role play server. On that server spawns in dungeons built up over time, and usually take a few hours before the monsters are at highest level again. This takes away the huge grind concept seen in most MMORPGs, and added a good deal of realism. (that server is frequent by about 10-60 players all the time)

    If it gets voted down, how do you all feel about testing it for about two weeks, and then evalulate the dungeons?

    Vote or come with your opinions smile

  • Maybe should have added a 30 minutes alternative? Oh well, lets starts with this.

  • This would most likely make it even easier to reach profitable grinding spots and chests

  • The reasons is not to make it easier, and with this change, you could even make chests protected by even more dangerous monsters. It's a change that would make dungeons more diverse since you would have to explore more of the dungeons, and fight more dangerous mobs deeper within. I would even suggest that chests spawn even more rarely, but thats for another topic.

  • I'm more worried that it'll feel like a generic RTQ fort. What I mean is, if the spawns are icnredibly long, the general tactic will just become to lure one or two monsters at a time and slowly clear it piece by piece without any real danger, if you understand what I mean?

  • I can see your concern, but 5 minutes between spawn rates is just ridiculous fast compared to most games around. It reminds me of those pay to win MMORPGs with hundreds of players, where a monster respawn occurs as fast as one is killed.

    Oberin doesn't exactly have hundreds of players, and decreasing spawn rates would also make some dungeons more viable for our tiny player base.

    Places like ice dungeon, volcano, hell portal and lower level dungeons in general are just off-putting with all the mobs that spawn. You never get a chance for a breather.

    And in general baiting enemies to get a better chance to fight off more difficult mobs would in my opinion just be an added strategic possibility, than a cheesy mechanic. The quick spawn rates, like I mentioned earlier just adds an artificial difficulty.

  • ID and volc can both be completed and farmed efficiently with 4 players.
    ID: cleric, fighter, fighter, (fighter/rogue)
    volc: cleric, wiz, fighter, (fighter/rogue)
    Hell is annoying to go to because MGs take forever to kill and give bad loot. The adds and long fights require repotting a lot.
    Tower can be soloed all the way to the top with a determined druid or to farm dragons with the volc team as per above. By the time you get there though you've wasted 30m+ so it's just not worth it.
    Two players can duo the singular dragon that spawns in ice peak.
    You can trio skull dungeon if you really want.
    You can also four man below MR but gapers + pixies make it a more annoying version of ID.

    ID is usually done incorrectly by players, you are meant to clear the entrance and run into the dragon lair, you then hide and wait between pops to kill a dragon, lure the other dragon dropping the IG and continue as much as you care to do so.

    All the dungeons can be done with a small and skilled team, and my guild have done so in the past repeatedly (in fact 4 manning ID is what we regularly used to do). Players have become used to the usual 3 cleric: 1 fighter japanese set up which is not really the best way to do things but provides a safe but very slow approach to hunts. The changes you suggest make the game easier and more long/tedious than it has to be.

    If you want to enjoy oberin more I would suggest sacrificing MPRs to get used to a higher skill requirement play style which will end up rewarding you with more fun/satisfaction and loot.

    This is the way of FIVE, you are invited to try it.

  • I did not ask for farming advice Teleco wink

    I am simply suggesting a reduction of a farming mechanic. It has nothing to do with how I want things to be easier.

  • I originally had a 500-word post written out that I found comfortably mediocre, but the forums ate it for dinner. Expect this one to be slightly more succinct.

    Although I originally voted, "No!" I've come to realize that's essentially a vote to never hunt The Tower, Skull (without the overwhelming force of 8+ people), and Cr@usaar's. I'm not going to vote "Yes, make it 1 hour" to cancel it out, but I'm unofficially rescinding my earlier vote.

    I want to be able to hunt the near-impossible dungeons and face down the threat of another horrible wipe. While I'm a stubborn man--I've had Gasby attempt the Tower on her own, and Nial actually does okay in Aborek--I recognize that the limited playerbase /is/ really hurting my ability to even explore some dungeons. If Nial sits in the entrance to Cr@usaar's, he'll die. And Skull is decent enough...until the multiple Poison Beasts and Gaper/Black 'Co combos on the other side of them.

    What makes dungeons difficult is not the creatures in them (possible exception: Liches, MGs). What makes dungeons difficult is unexpected POPs, or a Wiz Para'd a Dragon at an inopportune moment and had to Invis., and whoops, said Dragon just ate two Clerics.

    Several months ago...okay, almost a year ago, Ariki/Quiin proposed decreasing the spawn rates (i.e., "how many creatures POP at once"), but I don't think that's ever been the problem. Sure, when Nial has to run through three Gaper best friends and a Bone Mage out walking them, it gets a little sketchy. But most of Obie's playerbase can handle the numbers, if they have enough room to run around.

    It's not the quantity of the POP, it's the frequency that wipes parties, from what I've seen. "How often you have to fight a Lich" is scarier to me than "It's Full Bleeding Moon, and there are two Liches." Most players are pros at kiting, nowadays.

    I'm not saying we should leave the POP frequency permanently turned down to 3 (with it being at an 8 or 9 out of 10). I do seriously want to test having POP happen once every hour. It should still cause enough creatures to spawn that it hurts, but it shouldn't be enough to kill more than 1-2 players (out of a 4 or 5-PC party, I'm presuming).

    I do wonder if it should be limited to the "unused dungeons," however. I mean, most people wouldn't set foot in Cr@usaar's with current spawn numbers and rates. If you lowered the spawn frequency to 1/12 as much, I'd be game to duo or trio it, at least up to the Stone Golems. Same with the Tower's upper levels. Same with Hell and Skull, usually.

    This would be a great thing to consider for the inevitable 43.4 Update, as it could be very publicly announced which dungeons were "normal" (read: farmable) and which were "easymode" (read: less difficult mode).

    At least one person has expressed concerns about unfair loot-gathering, and I'm sympathetic. What if the chest loot was--to borrow a word from a blue Cleric--"gutted" for the duration of the test? Yup, there'd still be Chests for Rogues to get LP/RT from, but the contents would be...deliberately underwhelming.

    Basically, the more I think of this idea, the more I like it, but I'm more interested in a test for a few months than an immediate permanent change. smile

  • Thanks for your input Nial.

    I would suggest maybe opening a test server with changed spawn rates and let people experiment with dungeons to see how it plays out?
    (since while counting the votes at least 45% of us seem to think it might be good to give it a try)