• It seems the venerable druid Fixx landed himself in a bit of a pickle... we wonder whether there is any truth to the claim that black cats bring bad luck!

    Reports have him lost in some strange world

    No matter whether he turned north, south, west or east, there seemed to be no escape

    Nothing looked even remotely familiar...

    What looked like a portal, could not be got to work

    Strange buildings appeared here and there

    Maybe even the cat had visions of an unforeseen end...

    At one stage the druid had a flicker of hope

    But, as in the best nightmares, he was proven wrong

    It seems that Fixx not only lost his bearings, but his identity too!

    News has reached us that he is trying to recover in some remote corner of Oberin until he is fit to reappear in society. Good luck to the old man - Andris misses him!


  • * The Wizard cannot help thinking that, in another and more familiar dimension, the portal described by Fixx is strangely reminescent of the portal at Foehan *