• A brief note appears at each of the banks, with copies of two images attached. Written in an obnoxiously ornate cursive, the note details the account of strange beasts in Duldrus.

    To All Adventurers of Oberin-

    It has come to my attention that during this Lucky Moon, Year of our Elara 436, an unusual disturbance was sighted and dispatched by the Rogue known as Gasby. She, being of a less motivated pursuasion, decided to dictate her best recollection of events to me.

    Waking at the Mirith bank, Gasby immediately noted a...note...before the steps. It read, "Wait. Scratch that. No Tigers. Just Tuskers." Suspecting a reference to a children's work, Gasby then investigated the chest near the note. It contained Pure Blue Crystals and several cases of Fresh Water.

    Without stopping to consider much, Gasby grasped a blue pure and ventured to Mirith's Portal, where she traveled to Duldrus's remote Portal.

    There, she spent most of a day exploring and looking for the expected Tuskers, along with the anticipated Lions, no Tigers, and Bears. After defeating a multitude of Giant Snakes, climbing into an abandoned mine, and running from several Stone Golems, she had nearly given up.

    Thankfully, her final option proved the most fruitful: an expedition into the Gaper-infested southern end of Duldrus. During her duel against one of the magical beasts, it teleported her near a rock wall, behind which she beheld the manes of many a fierce Lion!

    She said she was not afraid, mostly because she was, quote, "too busy dying to the Gaper. Umm, scratch that. Almost dying."

    As soon as she slew the Gaper, she ventured West-Southwest to inspect the scene. "And I got bolted twice for my efforts," says the Gasby. "Least I saw that the note next to that tree said, 'Oh my!'"

    Two Bracken were guarding the entrance to a valley practically brimming with Lions, Brown Bears, and Tuskers. For a lone Rogue, this was no small order to clear.

    As Gasby says, "took a bunch of Potions, but I cut 'em down." Following that, she started work on the potent creatures the Bracken were imprisoning.

    It took "a boring-huge" amount of time to "murderinate everything" (reportedly, especially the Tuskers), but soon enough, the final Tusker fell to a particularly devastating series of Instant Strikes.

    Next, Gasby unlocked and disarmed a hidden Chest, "stealing every freakin' thing" she could conceivably carry. Out of personal interest, I asked her to include her best rendition of the chest and its bountiful contents. As I am always curious about the material gain of any battle such as these, I do hope all adventurers are aware of the benefits of throwing themselves into the foray.

    Regarding the origin of this curious gathering of animals...I personally suspect it has something to do with the Zookeeper, a staple of several Blue Moon Festivals past. He or she always has a wide selection of unusual beasties for Druids--if the price is right, naturally.

    Time will tell if similar festivities take place this year, or any year in the future.

    Until then, farewell.

    -Nial the Ranger

    (OOC: felt some guilt over Gasby's lack of companions for this RTQ. Next time, I'll wait for others.)