• Hi!

    For some days now, this body has been rotting on the edge of the grass. Today I found it to contain an empty bottle and an orange crystal smile


  • Hi Foo,

    seems like the beast died on a "fun bag" (the ones containing a crystal and another random item). Try to drop a coin or useless item on it- Perhaps it poofs then. Another idea would be to pick up the bottle and stone, drop them on another tile, so the bag is empty/gone. Should work also.

    to Ariki: is it possible to remove those fun bags as drops? It´s frustrating enough to find coal and amber axes, lobster poles and the like  in bags anyways. These items should be craftable/buying items anyways (for the few who use them).

    And before somebody asks: I post this from my small transformer pad, no Mac in sight so far (budget problem).

    Miss you folks


  • Hello brother!

    My idea is that somebody noticed and dropped an empty bottle and a crystal on it. I will drag another creature if the PB is still there and kill it on top - see what happens smile

    PS: I keep playing the lottery - if I win, I send you the money for a Mac!

  • Unless there was divine intervention about half an hour ago, I managed to get rid of the carcass! First I killed an ant on it, then I set fire to it, then fireballed a scorpion on top of it.

    * Grins *

  • Ardi, I doubt that Ariki can prevent two things spawning in the same spot - still on the subject of Poison Beasts, look where this Bracken grew!


  • ???????? disturbing

    I encountered many times bags in the forest containing a useless item and a crystal. So way way back in the past i was told those are "fun bags" (what a stupid acronym IMHO)., part of the normal respawn/server restart.

    But a bracken on a corps?Absolutely bad news,, when considering, that a brack spawns on your own corps!

    Okay good for the poof time (=indefinite basicly), but can be hazardious for the solo hunter trying to recover his belongings.

    Nonetheless those coal/centaur/amber axe/fun bag drops are a pain int the *beep* (deleted for family friendliness).

    I play the lottery also, but the old guy in the skies doesn´t understand that I am on on level with him so he doesn´t grand me the big ht wink. Hopefuly my homegrown government understands the need for the new machine (no 21 inch iMacs are no option for me)



  • Haha Ardi - darn these governments. But.. Centaur Mining Axes? Those are rare and I do not think they appear in the woods. Once upon a time they could sometimes be found in one of the chests in the Pixie Cave - cannot recall if the chest where the Pixies spawn or the one in the Hill Giants area - Flingee found and gave me one! Yes ok they are used for mining crystals (at my level, i.e. 11, you mainly get black crystals), but there once was a rumour that if you mined a crystal you would get double successes - mind you, only a rumour and I am in no position to confirm it. How I wish I could come and spend some time with you and some with juff! Travelling is no longer easy for me and I would have to do so in comfort. A hug to you and family

  • Ah very likely then, that I put Centaur mining axes on my list of "useless"items (No wonder when I just count ferrite/Black ferrite as useful when mining). Would be interesting to know if that rumour has any thruth within it.

    For travelling, I intended to visit London like I told you on my trip back from Belfast, but that was first postponed until I finished the game I designed, since the company was interested but needed a play test copy first. And since my Mac died, the finishing is postponed until later when I get a running machine again to complete the last steps.

    Fortunately a friend told me he recovered the data, but since I only have that little transformer pad with me, I can´t access and see for myself. So until I finally get the new machine, that project is on hiatus (*grumbles*).

    So I hope to make it ASAP to you folks. Miss you two a lot. So greetings to you and my bro until then smile