• Whilst adventuring through the Forests on the Lerilin continent, a party consisting of myself, Saybel, Pakal, Peven and Yendu heard a series of ominous metallic sounds echoing from the location of the Volcano. 

    Our curoisity got the better of us, and we decided to head over to the Volcano to see what was occuring there. When we arrived there, we immediately came upon a party of Brigands. 

    Brigand incursion aren't at all uncommon, so we decided to take it upon ourselves to dismantle their camp - while there were a number of them, we were confident we could take them on. We pressed on forwards towards their camp in order to remove the threat. 

    When we arrived there, we were greated with a worrying sight. The brigands had captured 2 Skeleton Archers, a Bracken and even worse. A Wraith.

    They had left a few scribbled notes on the floor. We did not have time to read them properly in the heat of battle, but the gist of what they had written was that they only just managed to capture the creatures they had, and it would have been impossible to catch any more since they could barely control the one they had captured.

    After we cleared out the Brigand, we knew we couldn't leave a Wraith alone, as it would escape without it's captors to hold it there. We killed the Bracken guarding the enterance to the Wraith and began battling against it, attempting to kill the Skeleton Archers first. While this tactic was met with moderate success, it appeared the Wraith was just toying with us. After it realised the possibility of us defeating it, it killed us all with some otherworldly magic.

    After killing us, it escaped into the Lerilin Forest.

    The Wraith seemed to be stronger than your average Wraith, now it roams Lerilin forest, doing who knows what? Even though it presents a threat, it seems to be much faster than we anticipated, I expect we have no chance of hunting it down and we instead must wait for it to reveal itself and corner it then to fight it. 

    This is sombre news I understand, but we must remain vigilant.


  • I forgot to mention this several weeks ago.
    I was wandering around the Port Ghast area. If I remember right, a Bone Mage or two appeared and I fled across the water NE of Ghast. Looking back, I saw a Wraith in quick pursuit. Thinking that Wraiths usually dwell in crypts and stuff, I freaked out and ran for Lerilin. It caught up to me and started to ask questions. I can't remember exactly what went down, but I know that it asked: "What do you want?"
    Well, after a day of reminiscing in Port Ghast and downing some of Red Nate's vintage stock, I replied with all my surly bravado - while scared stiff. I told it that I wanted to 'be a king' or 'conquer the world' or 'be the ruler of all living things in Oberin' or something along those lines.
    It said "Okay" or something, as I took the opportunity to make a break for it.
    I ran for my life with the hopes of alerting some adventurers in Lerilin. Alas, there were none. I told the town greeter, whatever his name is now. Gilden? I'm not sure.
    I'm also not sure if this is important, but any sighting of a Wraith walking across the lands in broad daylight should be concerning. It totally slipped my mind and I fell back at ease until I heard word of another sighting.
    (again, this happened several weeks ago and I forgot to tell anyone)