• Following reports of a sandstorm raging off the cost of Andris, at Sandstorm Island, as well as scouting done by several brave adventurers, today we decided to gather as many people we could and set off as a group towards Crescent Island to gauge the effects on the Island.

    When we arrived at the Island proper, we were immediately greeted by what was the onset of all manner of creatures that had arrived there, shrouded by the sand. The various creatures there included Earth Elementals, Sand Spiders, Pixies, Sand Dracos and Poison Beasts.

    After fighting our way up the Island, we came upon a fortified wall capped with towers on each corner, perhaps erected by the sandstorm itself or perhaps something else much more sinister, behind which lay two Sand Golems and a Sand Dragon, as well as at least one trapped human. While attempting to push forwards to reach them, we were surrounded by Sand Dracos and Earth Elementals and many of our party temporarily entered the Gray World.

    After a daring rescue mounted by our remaining members to ressurect our fallen comrades, we decided to scout around the wall itself instead of mounting a full frontal assault due to the hordes of creatures that were guarding the entrance. Every attempt at fighting through them only seemed to yield more creatures to defend their fortification. After realizing that there was no other way into the lair of these creatures due to the sheer number of them, we decided to retreat to ensure we didn't lose anyone else in our party. 

    Our attempt to retreat seemed to taunt the powerful creatures in the lair, as we hit the shoreline they came to fight us, one by one alone. Realising we were alone, we decided to stand our ground against them since they had been lured out of the their fortifications and the countless amount of creatures around them. One by one they fell, and while the island still appeared to be covered with all manner of creatures, we managed to loot the Golems and Dragon, and escape relatively unharmed. 

    Whilst I was able to deliver a written, text based report of this, I'm afraid I had no way to capture the intensity of the battle itself, if anyone else can provide an illustration of it, I would be most greatful. For now, the creatures still lie on the Island as well as the trapped people or person there. I suggest we form an even bigger party next time in an attempt to find out what is really at the root of this sandstorm and rescue whomever is trapped on the Island.


  • A few days ago Saybel and I went to scout the sandstorm / fort on Crescent Island near Andris. On our way there we ran into a cleric of the Andris Guard who was also monitoring the goings on with some concern. He suggested that there was a mage located in Lerilin that may be able to shed some light on the situation.

    Saybel and I headed up past the volcano and on to Lerilin in the hopes of finding said mage. When we arrived we found a woman consoling a citizen whos son had gone missing near the ant cave. 

    Together we helped the woman search for the lost boy in the ant cave. She demonstrated a knowledge of many powerful magics as we fought through the waves of ants.

    Eventually we found the boy, unhurt but scared, locked away in a cavern.

    We reunited the boy and his father to much rejoicing. The woman then introduced herself as Eliya Rei, the very mage we had been sent to seek the help of.

    Eliya Rei travelled with us down to the island and helped us fight our way to the centre of the disturbance. She examined the site and noted the similarities of the magic involved to those of Nystral's tower. Further to this she is of the opinion that the people inside the fort are not in any way captive, but responsible for the storm and creatures. It seems they have formed a link of sorts between the tower and the island, through which they can channel their magic.

    Eliya Rei offered to try and disrupt their connection to the tower to limit the ability of the mages inside to fight and summon reinforcements. Such an undertaking will require her to prepare herself. She was not too concerned about the threat expanding rapidly as the mages inside were still working to stabilize the link to the tower.

    Whilst they do not pose an immediate threat beyond the island, clearly they must not be allowed to strengthen their position to the point that they can expand the destruction they are causing...