• Hi,

    First of all, thanks to Saybel, Fuoco and the GM team for sorting my forum password out. Now I can annoy you, finally.

    I'm suffering from super lag at present, and have been every time I log on for a couple of weeks. This isn't just slow, I get regular freezes of several seconds, no matter if I'm in the middle of a battle or alone at a bank. During the recent Lizard RTQ, I was literally frozen every twenty seconds or so. That might be expected in such heavy action, but the problem persists and although other European players are saying they have lag, it cannot be this bad, or they simply wouldn't hunt. I can hardly fight a bracken at present, it's so unreliable!

    Outside of Oberin, my internet connection is working perfectly well, as far as I can tell. Allegedly, our area has one of the fastest connections in the UK (even though we live in mud huts). What could be the cause? All I have installed recently was Avast webshield. I've tried turning it off temporarily, but it makes no difference. Any suggestions?

    Cheers all.

  • Delete all oberin preferences and try again. Sometimes the prefs can cause some issues with the client, I used to get booted off Oberin every time someone cast a spell. It was a corruption of the prefs.

    Are you emulating a client or native?

  • Welcome back to the forum Antoninus.

    @ Ariki: Sorry to butt in, but how do you delete the Oberin Preferences? I cannot see anything under that headings in the menu or the Application. For your info, I play on Mac OS X Version 10.4.11. Processor 533 MHz PowerPC G4, Memory 896 MB SDRAM.

  • Honestly I do get the problem sometimes too - currently in Sweden. I've heard its not an uncommon thing for US/EU players, it might just be a result of the distance between the server and us.

  • The Oberin prefs are located at ~/Library/Preferences/Oberin Prefs where ~ is your osx username.

    Are you using a VMware virtual machine Antoninus? Bobley has mentioned that he finds suspending the machine and resuming results in some network issues which can be avoided by restarting the virtual machine.

    Whatever the case, perhaps try pinging the Oberin server at for a short time from the VM, then from the host machine if applicable. If the VM ping is a lot higher or more unstable that would mean it is a VM problem. If not using a VM it will show if your latency to the server is spiking. I have heard of a number of people in EU having similar issues.


  • By the sounds everyone seems to be getting latency issues, I will look into hosting options with a mates fibre connection or hide the server in the roof of my sisters house, i doubt she will ever notice it up there.

    I will see what i can do on my end about this anyway.

  • HI Ariki,

    Just wanted to mention that in Aus I get a pretty stable 130ms or so to the server. Testing a few different NZ net providers / connections sure cant hurt, but at least part of the problem could be a bit higher upstream between NZ / EU.


  • Honestly,
    I don't think it seems to really be on Ariki's end too much, but likely something between Europe and New Zealand at times..

    A week ago, together with Seregil, we tried to fix a connection issue of mine since i was getting unplayable lag. We did ping tests to the server and I got an average latency of 800 ms.. It was already that high when I entered NZ through a traceroute..
    It's porbably part due to the VMWare as well, but there may be a physical problem that isn't as easy to fix..

    Please try these things that helped me as well :
    1) Try to change to a 5 GHz network, this seemed to lower my ms with roughly 300-400 ms, for some odd reason
    2) Don't just suspend the VMWare machine (as in, not shutting down the OS inside the vm, just closing the program.
        Make sure you shut down the OS inside the vmware as well.. If the rpoblem persists, try restarting your native OS and   then also restart the OS inside the vmware and then try to connect again.
    3) Fiddle around with the network options from the vmware, there should be several options but this depends on the vmware program you're using.
    4) Don't run other VMwares.. I was emulating windows 7 and mac os x 10.6.8 at the same time and that seemed to lag the connection pretty badly, helped a lot after shutting the windows 7 down.
    5) Move to NZ tongue (didn't actually try this one!)

    Obviously most of these won't help you at all if you're not using a vmware .. tongue

  • Australia is notorious for having a horrible internet connection in communities in several MMOs I play. Hopefully New Zeland fares better. smile

    Anyway 800 ms mentioned above is horrible, ping as high means there will most likely be drops and spikes etc. quite often (over the already bad latency) making any game basically unplayable. The worse Obie with it´s kind of unforgiving death system.

    I hope you can sort it out.

  • Aye, don't stress about the 200-300 ping numbers too much Ariki - that's pretty natural. It's the 800+ stuff that's quite concerning.