• Two nights ago a group was mustering at the Mirith bank when a great commotion was heard from the direction of the west gate. Whilst heading towards the gate to investigate we were beset by Lizard Men inside Mirith! It seems that they were no longer content to reside in the fort they had made themselves in the rock maze.

    We fought our way through the Lizards pouring in through the gate. Once we got close to blocking the breach an Elder Shaman appeared and began summoning elementals of all varieties in an attempt to bolster his Lizard Men attack force.

    Wave after wave of Lizard Men and elementals were repelled, slowly we pushed them out of the city and towards the rock maze entrance. As we exited the city the bodies of the slain guards were found just outside the gates. Such a brazen attack on the city could not go unpunished.

    It was not long before Hill Giants were amongst the beasts blocking our path to the rock maze. Every step towards the maze was hard fought. The Elder Shaman continued to summon support in the form of elementals, but remained tauntingly out of reach as he fell back towards the fort.

    Eventually we had beat them back to their rock maze fort. Whilst a massive force of Lizard Men had been expended in the attack on the city they still had significant reserves defending the fort.

    Fighting our way up through the maze towards the tunnel entrance was slow going. Narrow passages and a seemingly never ending stream of fresh Lizard Men troops kept us busy for some time. The Elder Shaman continued to fall back with his troops as they were forced into a slow retreat through the maze.

    Eventually we broke through their defenses and were able to hold the mainland entrance to the tunnel. The order and moral of the remaining Lizard forces in the rock maze was at this point destroyed. Cut off from their reinforcements, supplies and command they showed no more willingness to mount any serious attack on our forces.

    Once we entered the tunnel to repel the invading Lizards back into their own territory the Elder Shaman became more aggressive, standing to fight us for a time before falling back further into the tunnel time and time again.

    After a long slow march through the tunnel we emerged on the Lizard Men's island. Around the tunnel the remains of the Elder Shaman's army were found. A last attempt to repel us was made in vain.

    The Elder Shaman was left undefended with his army slain. With the combined might of our plates and robes we were able to swiftly put an end to him.

    More stockpiles of weapons and valuable items were looted, the Lizard Men having proven themselves unable to be trusted with such items.

    The group made their way back to Mirith secure in the knowledge that the mastermind behind the Lizard invasion had been vanquished.