• Heeding the warning posted by the Mirith Scout near the bank I and a a few other hardy adventurous types have set out to investige the reports of Lizard Men near the cave in the Rock Maze. Whilst I have not seen any fortifications there does seem to be a frankly alarming number of these creatures coming through the tunnel from their island.

    I have ventured into this area with Luciella and Gasby as a trio, at another time with Vid and finally by myself in one instance. What I have seen does nothing to allay my concerns.

    They replenish in number rapidly and one can easily be blocked in the narrow passages of the maze.

    In addition to the encrouching Lizard Men there are still the Hill Giants in the area. Also sighted inside the maze were Bracken, a giant spider and a Bone Mage.

    Any and all travellers in this are should be very wary.

  • It seems in the last day the Lizard Men have responded to attempts to eradicate them from the mainland by beginning to fortify their position.

    These gruesome territory markers have been erected not a stones throw from the city of Mirith at the entrance to the rock maze.

    Scouting of the maze has revealed that whilst the entire area is now home to hoardes of these intruders they are thickest at the top of the first passage heading NE. They appeared to go to some length to stop all attempts I made to scout deep into the northern reaches of the maze.

    Many Hill Giants are also in this area, they seem to have no issue with the Lizard Men invading their home range.

    It seems this is not merely a few restless Lizard Men pushing the limits of what the citizens of Mirith will tolerate, but rather a concerted effort to establish a permanent presence on the mainland. I put forward that we act swiftly to put a stop to this threat before a more substantial fortification can be constructed.

  • The Lizard Men grow more bold as each day passes. They have continued construction of their fortifications at the entrance as well as stationing guards there. Lizard Shamen are also on guard out the front. This threat grows daily...

  • I can confirm that the Lizard Men now feel safe enough to begin storing valuables within their rock maze fort.

  • Shocked at the brazen intrusion into Mirith's territory, a group of citizens took matters into their own hands yesterday and mounted an assault on the rock maze Lizard Fort.

    Pushing deep into the rock maze we found caches of weapons and other supplies for battle. One can only guess whether their intended goal was simply to expand their territy, or attack a target nearby.

    The initial assault was very near to successfully clearing a large area of the maze of Lizard Men. Whilst it was close the Lizard Men had the upper hand with fresh troops still in front of us deeper in the maze and arriving behind as constantly through the tunnel.

    Great damage was done to the invading Lizard Men forces that massed in the maze by this group. We were ultimately forced to retreat after a number of members were sent, albiet temporarily, to the grey world.

    Realising how close we were to dealing a perhaps fatal blow to the Lizard Mens plans we regrouped in Mirith and recruited a few more troops. Our tactics were revised based on the input of some of the more senior members of the group to minimise the risk of a similar fate meeting the new party.

    With the additions to our forces and more cautious approach we were able to make steady progress through the rock maze, eradicating all of the Lizard Men that had come through the tunnel and raidind their supply caches. Once the mainland was clear we fought our way through the tunnel to stamp out any forces marshalling there.

    No abnormal concentrations of Lizard Men were found near the tunnel entrance on their side. Whilst Lizard Men are still freely moving through the tunnel onto the mainland perhaps the blow we have dealt them will cause them to reconsider their intrusion. Or it may lead to them redoubling their efforts once they have regrouped, only time will tell.

    Many thanks to Rosina, Pakal, Hayate, Luciella, Aleisa and Silekendor for their efforts in the assault on the fort.


  • The lizards are still slithering toward Mirith. I smashed a couple. There is a serious threat. Adventerers of Oberin, however you place the accent marks, need to unite and save Mirith. Maybe even save Oberin itself from the scaled scourge of lizards.Their shamans are spreading the word of their expansion.... our demise.