• Pretty much what the title says. I'm running windows on an AMD CPU (AMD FX 8350) and I can't get VMWare to boot OSX 10.6.8 as it just resets at the apple logo, and while I can get OS 9 to run any attempt to start up the character creator results in me being told the CC is offline. I've tried multiple times (20+) and I've tried all the provided download links around the website after going through all the posts I could find.

    edit: Internet works on SheepShaver

    Any solution, or is this just inevitable with SheepShaver (hence the switch over to VMWare)?

    I would try to log onto my old character, but it's been a good 7+ years and whilst I remember the name, I don't remember the password and it's probably been deleted by now.

  • Hi Saybel,

    I believe the character creator for OS9 / sheepshaver has not been recompiled since some sort of changes were made. Until it is the CC will only work on OSX.

    Are you using the files and guide provided by Ariki to try and get VMware to work? Happy to try and help with it, but by no means an expert on VMware.

    I can't comment on character deletion timeframes other than to say that I have characters at least that old, though they have had periodic logins. Ariki or another GM may be able to help with password recovery if the character has not been removed.

  • Yeah, I've been using the provided files and followed the guide to the letter. Ariki did mention in a comment somewhere that it may not work correctly with AMD processors, so the only alternative seems to be to find another VMWare image.

    I'll keep scouting around for a VMWare image or some other way to emulate OS X for a while at least, I really want to play Oberin again since it was the very first RPG I've played.

    If anyone knows a solution for the apple logo - crash loop in VMWare then I'll happily try, but I've already gone through all the suggested fixes (virtualization is on, ect ect)

  • Send me a PM with a previous known login with details and i will see what i can recover for you, otherwise send me a PM with details of the character you would like and I will set one up for you.

    Been pretty busy setting up a business for the past 3 months so I havn't had much time to keep things in order sorry. Hopefully in a couple more weeks things will settle down and I will be able to bring things back up to date.