• Hi Ariki,

    I'm posting this for Antoninus (MV) as he can not access the Forum at this time (password issue).

    Maelthne, Antoninus and Konbeto where in the braken grove last night fighting trees, when all 3 noticed several in game issues, I will describe them to you as follows.

    Text Log;
    For some reason Maelthne was only getting bits and pieces of the conversation from my two other hunting partners, and this while they where right beside me, not all of the conversation was appearing over there heads or in my in game text log, it felt like the game was skipping posting on my end, only a few words here and there where shown, it made it impossible to follow the conversation.

    Party list;
    At one point Konbeto added Antoninus to his party list, and although Antoninus was in game and standing beside him the name Antoninus would not show up in bold in the party list, Maelthne also added Antoninus to his party list to check, same issue, Antoninus was in game but was not showing up in bolt on my party list. The spelling was correct, I did the process several times to make sure but got the same result every time.

    Orb of seeing;
    This one was even more weird, neither Maelthne, Konbeto or Antoninus could orb each other, the message I got was "the orb sees noting".

  • A little oddity happened to Rosina in Bracken Grove today - the episode was repeated just a few minutes later: she killed a snake and only Poison Glands and Raw Steaks were in the body. Same with the second snake. In both instances, upon stepping off and then back onto the bodies, the Gold Pieces and Skin/Egg appeared.

  • Another funny incident in Bracken Park: when I killed a Bracken, it only displayed 3 reagents - it was the loot I had abandoned on the previous Bracken. I then proceeded to the cemetery but all was normal with the loot. Fuoco investigated the east and then went into Bracken Park and the Giants area but all was normal. So it seems whatever bugs are affecting the game are random.

  • Server has been running for over a month or two without a restart. I will give it a restart later today and let me know how that goes.