• Day 118 of the Fighting Moon was drawing to a close as I stared at the repulsive carcass of a Zombie - one less cursing monster in these lands! With a sigh, I mentally prepared to go back to the inn and rest, but a voice startled me. I focused on the figure that was addressing me - a Scout. We engaged in conversation and he pointed out that something was amiss. Naturally, I asked what and where

    He told me that, for some unknown reason, Rodolpho's gem shop was closed. He then announced that he had to press on, so we parted and I decided to check for myself.

    On approaching the shop, I found a note nailed to the door

    Concerned that this could cause serious problems to travellers, I went to the window and could see that Rodolpho was within. "Hey, Rodolpho!", I hollered, "what is this all about?" He explained that he had not received the expected delivery of crystals. I encouraged him to tell me more so I learned that the crystals come from the Lerilin ants, so perhaps I could learn something more in the fishing village. I rushed to my aunt's valet and asked him for a Pure Orange Crystal, then set off as fast as I could. Upon arrival, I bumped into wizard Sawatii and Ranger Palmyra. Duvalle heard us talk of our concerns and suggested that Siomir could be the person to address. I therefore rushed to the local gem shop and learned that Siomir had also dispatched some crates of crystals to Mirith but these never got to their destination. Whilst we both puzzled over what might have happened to the shipment, a woman entered the shop. She was a citizen of Lerilin and I later learned that her name was Eliya Rei. She told me she had spotted a Brigand encampment not far from the portal. She also saw Brackens guarding the camp. I said I had to rush to let the citizens at the bank know and she offered to come with me. I explained the situation to Sawatii and Palmyra and messengers were quickly dispatched asking for reinforcements.

    In due course, other people arrived and we set off in the direction indicated by Eliya. I must admit that the attack to the camp was not well co-ordinated and that the death of a young fighter and Maelthne's Black Bear, Mr Peabody, could have been avoided but, despite that, and with the extraordinary intervention of Eliya Rei, who was found to have magical powers, the Brackens, the Brigands and the Giants were defeated and Barabus shouted that he had found the crates containing the crystals.


    After giving Mr Peabody a decent burial, we carried the crates of crystals back to the village.

    I was eager to return home and tell my aunt about this extraordinary citizen with wizard powers. Maelthne wished to travel to Andris as well so we set off together. It was now the morning of Day 119 and I knocked at Fuoco's door. She bade me come in so I told her all that had passed, especially the encounter with Eliya Rei. Would we get to see her again?

    My aunt urged me to get some sleep - she would ask the innkeeper not to send the maid to clean my room. i slumped onto my bed and I could not help thinking, will people ever learn that healers cannot see them behind trees and the tall fires Brigands make to guard their camps? Will our druid friends ever learn not to let pets out of their sight? With a deep sigh, I pulled the cover up to my eyes and was soon oblivious to the world around me.