• Hello folks!

    I believe I mentioned the problems in completing some quests due to lack of enough high level players to a GM some time ago but wish to touch on the subject again.

    Ice Crystals
    At some distant stage, these were to be found in the Gooey room at the Ice Dungeon but, because of overfarming on the part of some high level rogues (I was given to understand), they were subsequently only stored in the chest inside the Dragons room. Given the scanty number of players currently available, I do not even recall when the last hunt at the Ice Dungeon took place. Similarly, these were occasionally found in chests after major RTQs, but the last time this happened was nearly 3 years ago. We would need an alternative means of getting them - perhaps they could become a rare find fishing or mining?

    Essence of Speed
    For the same reasons stated in the first paragraph, a Tower climb has become an impossible mission and we need an alternative - perhaps a portal that leads directly to the top floor? We can just about put together a team to contend with the Sand Golems, Pixies and Scorpions up there.

    Black Roses
    Same as above. Can the quest be relocated to somewhere more in line with the current player base? But, if it is true that now the reward has become a Ring of Brute Strength, then the quest is less palatable, although Pure Crystal Rings can at times be found in the woods.

    Some items found in the woods (namely Tarnished Necklaces, Magic Stones, Ancient Tomes and Small Moon Fragments) could perhaps be used for superquests - how about getting some very special item using a collection of such treasures? I don't know, we could have, for instance, 10 Tarnished Necklaces = a weapon of power, 10 Small Moon Fragment = a weapon of speed, 10 Ancient Tomes = Lesser Mana Ring.

    The following is not about quests but as it came to mind right now I shall add it here:

    Additional Portals
    Suggestions have already been made but at this particular moment in time it would be really really nice to have one at Welif or at the Landing Point on Lizard Island smile


  • Would it help if global spawns were reduced?

  • Hello Ariki. By that I suppose you mean making some dungeons less formidable. I suggest a poll but something tells me that, as places like the Tower, the Ice Dungeon and Skull Island Dungeon have not been hunted in for ages, perhaps it would not cause any grief to thin out the population of monsters smile With our Japanese friends, two weeks ago we managed the new Dungeon under the Tree Maze (where the Sand Dragons reside).

  • A good point to raise, Fuoco. Clearly something needs to be changed a bit, but I would rather see reduced spawns than relocations. It doesn't have to be drastic. And the other parts of the dungeons could be unchanged.

    For example, a wizard-druid duo has always been able to hunt in the Gooey Room of the ID. No need to change stuff like that. Going to skull for the Dracos is also not too outrageous.

  • Hi Jedd smile

    I personally have always been terrified of the Gooey room area hahaha. I know it has been done, but the Ice Crystals are no longer there.

    Ok in the Skull Dungeon to go for Black Dracos sticking to the entrance area but it becomes another story when the group goes for the quest. There is that horrendous area in the middle where spawns converge from 3 directions and you need a very switched on group who avoids stopping to fight in the corridor with the pillars, where clerics find it hard to see and heal (I mean the corridor at the bottom of which you have a door towards the quest chap and one towards the Lich residence). I can assure you Black Dracos do not give a damn for wizards' spells.

    This reminds me of some Odyssey involving Gawr, Rosi, juff and Octar 4 years ago. Gawr got into his head to go fighting at the entrance of Skull Island Dungeon, just for a change. Things got bolder and Gawr decided to lure a Black Draco or two from the first corridor. It was not long however before he got teleported further down by a Gaper. I informed our companions and we set off on a mission to rescue him. After resurrection, things got hectic, juff and Octar got trapped and fell. Gawr managed to run towards the entrance - I was blocked by 5 creatures, which was the only reason why a Black Draco could not target me. In a fraction of a second, out of desperation, I decided to blast with the Ring of Lightning Bolt the creature that was attacking me from the direction of the exit. I do not even know how I managed to run out and join Gawr - I was shaking like a leaf. After 20 minutes of remaking potions, poor juff and Octar dead inside (Octar was calling for help on AIM meanwhile), Gawr persuades me that we could do it so like madmen we went back inside, patiently cleared the usual spawn and dashed further down where juff and Octar had fallen. To this day I do not know how, but we managed to resurrect them and take them out, Will I ever forget that ordeal? No!

  • Ahh, the thrill of near-catastrophes in faraway dungeons xD Those lightning rings are not to be overlooked!

    Ryen learned the Gooey Room tactics from none other than Budic, who practically lives down there. wink Perhaps the most useful key to survival is knowing where to find the safe-spots / panic rooms. The long, narrow hallways to the west are pretty good, and largely devoid of creatures. Sometimes you just have to break formation, burn a few dragon teeth, and regroup in a safer location. Of course, nailing the wizard-druid dynamic is also of the utmost importance. In particular, one must get the paralyze -> calm cadence down pat.

    And speaking of panic rooms: not far into Skull – just before the horrendous 3-way corridor you mentioned – there is a small 3x3 compartment in the middle of a square room. This compartment is actually a decent place to set up camp, as the gapers can't do much harm through the door. Surprisingly enough, hunting in this manner can get a bit dry. It's the journey to and from the room that poses the more serious challenge. One might even be tempted to delve deeper into the dungeon...but I've never heard a good story involving that big corridor of which we speak!

    Admittedly, these more modest dungeon hunts are still quite a gamble. Just the way I like it cheesey

    On an unrelated note, it strikes me that I've somehow managed to go three or four days in Andris without running into you. Hope to change that soon!

  • Thanks for the post Jedd! I am there virtually every day but in my daytime, as in this new flat the computer is in the bedroom and the big fighter goes to bed early. So sorry to have missed you. I do hope, at some stage, to be able to set something up in the lounge so I can come online in my evenings. A big hug.

  • I strongly disagree with this idea. We have rare items for a reason, they should be a challenge to obtain. I do recall there used to be a time when these quests were near impossible without a large group, due to there not being any super high level characters in the game yet. Now, most of these can be done with groups of 3-5. I know from experience that a high level druid can reach the top of the tower by themselves with little difficulty and proper maneuvering. 

    In my opinion, making these easier ruins the fun, the challenge, and the economy of the game. I love rare items as much as the next guy, but I don't want them handed to me becuase a dungeon is too difficult.

    Ice Crystals - I do agree that it would be cool the find these fishing or mining. I would say they would have to be more rare than crystals or other items already are though.

    Essence of Speed - Mentioned above, but there are alternatives way to obtain an essence of speed.

    Black Roses - Since the quest is so difficult, I would support making it more rewarding. A ring of brute strength is pretty nice though, if this is true.

    Superquests? - This I would have to disagree with, because items like these have been hoarded for year (I'm guilty). I think if we were to have "superquests" we would need more difficult dungeon, but I suppose that is already a problem. Maybe if throw a couple NPCs in Hell? That would be fun.

    Additional portals - Let's reactivate the yellow portal cheesey cheesey I feel it should be somewhere off the path, maybe in the woods on the northern side of the island. A little extra hunting still beats the walk there, especially if you can teleport off the island as well from the same portal.

    My 2 cents.

  • Just out of curiosity, how many people are online these days. If you cannot even gather people for ice dungeon, it must be bad. Japanese players (miko, koto etc.) still playing?

    I wish there was a new PC compatible client but that will probably never happen. smile

  • Excluding myself, there were 11 players on saturday, though it's usually less. It seems to depend on the day and time, and the period in the year.

    There was a complete successful tower hunt the other day. I'm pretty sure other dungeons are still possible.

    You can basically emulate 10.6.8 on windows, so that's as close as a "compatible" client goes. You can also emulate 10.6.8 on newer macs, and then there's also sheepshaver. So there are plenty options available at this time.