• Hi all,
    I am having troubles with the windows key. When I press it to target an enemy the stupid 'windows start menu' drops down and takes me away from the game, usually crashing the emulator. I am running sheepshaver on windows vista.
    This is horrifying, especially when I am trying to take care of a Gaper or something similar.
    I remember a post several years back that addressed this issue, but I was using a older mac at the time and wasn't concerned with emulator problems.
    Does anyone know how to fix this?
    I'll keep searching manually, but this seems like another piece of hay in the needle stack. I succeeded last time in finding the functional sheepshaver, but this is more obscure.
    Any help would keep my characters alive more often than not and would be very appreciated.

    Oh...duh... I didn't have to look too hard. I'm gonna see if this works:

    Yay! It works.. kinda.
    It seems you need to press Alt (hold it down) then press the Windows Key (hold it down) and then click. (Trying to press all three at the same time does not work.)


  • For a long time I used the same work around. Eventually I got tired of forgetting to hold the key at the wrong time and dying and so on due to the menu popping up. 

    What I did to fix this was edited the sheep shaver keycodes file to map a key other than windows to option. The keycodes file follows a format of physical key ID, key code to send when pressed, #Key description.


    87    83    # KP 1
    88    84    # KP 2
    89    85    # KP 3
    108  76    # KP Enter
    37    54    # Ctrl Left
    115  58    # Logo Left (-> Option)
    64    55    # Alt Left (-> Command)
    65    49    # Space
    113  55    # Alt Right (-> Command)
    116  58    # Logo Right (-> Option)
    117  50    # Menu (-> International)
    109  54    # Ctrl Right
    100  59    # Cursor Left
    104  61    # Cursor Down
    102  60    # Cursor Right
    90    58    # KP 0
    91    120  # KP .

    In this example I have copied the keycode comand (58) from the # Logo Right (-> Option) line (this is the windows key line), to the KP 0 line. The end result is that sheepshaver now recognises pressing the KeyPad 0 key as a press of the windows key, but without the pesky annoyance of the menu popping up.

    I have attached my keycodes file with KP 0 mapped to windows, KP 5 mapped to f1, KP . mapped to f2 and KP + mapped to f4. I use this in conjunction to keypad movement for easy access to some skill.

    Key code file avaliable at:
    Happy to upload to elsewhere if it is more appropriate.

    Hope this is helpfun to somebody out there smile