• Darkness settled and the night creatures began rustling in the surrounding wilderness. Sea waves washed up on the nearby shore like an ominous whisper of warning. A few guards, and hardy residents, wandered about the small port community. The pulsating glow of a forge being worked flickered out a window and into the foggy paths of the town.
        The steady sound of a hammer striking ingots suddenly ceased. A half clad fighter stopped his work. An unworldly cackling washed across the land from the wild distance, sending chills.
        "It's still out there", the fighter whispered to himself and resumed crafting a fresh sword.
        "Why did you let it live," came a question. A woman sat near the warmth of the forge.
        He raised his hammer and looked at the woman with a smirk. She warmed her hands, deep in meditation, while bottles bubbled and steeped around her feet.
        "It didn't let me live," he said and brought down his hammer for emphasis. "I'll get that abomination and send it back to death."
        Suddenly a skeleton burst through the door of the smithy. It clawed and blindly reached for the two inside. A guard followed the skeleton through the door with a flying tackle, resulting in an eruption of destruction and skeleton dust.
        "The Bone Mage followed you here," the guard said, patting the dust from his sea rusted armor.
        "I know," the man at the forge said, while inspecting the swords fresh edge. "I'll take care of it."
        The guard left and returned to his patrol without responding. Wilderness sounds replaced the silence. Creatures nearly as dangerous as the Bone Mage lurked in the fogged woods.
        "Here is a fresh batch." The woman pointed to the bottles between the two. "Don't use them so quickly this time."
        "Thanks," he said and picked them up. "You know what? I think I am gonna like it here." He kicked a cat out of his way and jogged off into the foggy wilderness, directly toward the creepy laughter in the dark wilderness.