• First, a Big Thank You Ariki for all the work you have done in Oberin.

    It's been a while since we have made various suggestions, so it's time to give Ariki some attention, here are a few smile

    The random effect that is part of the game mechanics needs to be removed completely and permanently, once and for all.

    - Lesser Heal Potion, it should heal 15 HP, no random effect

    - Greater Heal Potion, it should heals a full 30 HP, no random effect

    - Greater Mana Potion (this is Fuoco/Rosina's idea), no random effect

    - Full Mana Potion (this is Fuoco/Rosina's idea). regain all mama


    - New Portals, Welif
    In order to save on travel time and down time.

    - Town Portal (just like in many other game like Diablo III), it brings you back to your bind point, or the last city you visited.


    - Shop turn over time, adjust to 5 minutes
    We have a lot of down time waiting around for shops to offer potions, or supplies.


    - Sand color
    It's difficult to see the health bars on the sand, pretty much everyone has difficulties with this, specially clerics and druids, is there any way the sand colour could be made a bit darker, it's to close in colour with the health bars.?

  • I think the potion ideas are an easy fix to make the game more user friendly, and allow for players to hunt on more of the map. I think greater mana should use ash as a reagent, and full mana an ash and dt.

    Having the option of changing player health bars would be great. Especially for people with color problems like myself.