• First, a Big Thank You Ariki for all the work you have done in Oberin.

    It's been a while since we have made various suggestions, so it's time to give Ariki some attention, here are a few wink

    The random effects makes it that hunting/playing the game is based on luck and a lucky roll rather then true player skills, IMHO hunting and progress should be based on skills, not a lucky roll. That being said, the random effect that is part of the game mechanics needs to be removed completely and permanently, once and for all.

    Druid Mods

    - Calm Spell
    Any and all random effect should be removed permanently from this spell (from any spells on all classes).

    Calm and Heal Pet are the Druid's bread and butter spells, as it stands, calm feels more like a possible suggestions rather then an actual spell, it misfires more often then none, we can not count on it, we can not support other player well, it does not work :/

    I have experimented with the calm spells, Druids have to cast it at the last second when the beast is 1 to 2 tiles away to get the maximum effect (that's if it actually works), by doing so we get hit and poisoned all the time. the calm effect should work 3 to 5 tiles away and 100% of the time up to your druid level, then decrease in potential as the beast are higher in levels. It's totally ridiculous that a level 11 Druid has to use 4 to 5 calm spells on an Air Elemental, even worst 6 to 7 calms on a poison beast while it's in my face and beating me to a pulp, I use potions like a mad man trying to heal and detox, it makes for short hunts just because the spell does not work.

    - Detox Pet spell, this is a must have.
    If any of my pets get poisoned (except spiders), I have to ask the group to wait, leave the hunting ground and find a safe place, swallow Elevated Mind Potion then proceed at healing my pet, rinse and repeat until the pet is healed or until the pet has no hope and it dies, it's very common to have to use heal pet a good 8 to 12 times before my pet gets detoxed, this is serious down time, if a Poison beast, a Poison Eemental, a braken or Bone Mage poisons my bear, it takes over 20 heals to see it back to health and to remove all poison, even then it does not always work, that's not to mention if in battle and surrounded by multiple beasts and my pet gets paralized plus poisoned, my pet is dead guarantied.

    - Claim pet, from anywhere any time.
    Several reasons, when the game gets buggy I lose my spells so I'm worthless and have to relog fast, having to run around to find a safe place to relog is not a simple deed, it's also a serious time waster.
    Also, if my pet dies on a hunt in a dungeon, I have to tame a low level beast so I'm pretty much worthless for the rest of that hunt. One more reason is that Druids should be versatile and be able to switch pets on the fly in order to accommodate the hunt and beasts to fight, that's what Druids do, and that's being a Druid is all about.

    - Pet death.
    I have never seen a game with such a set back, I lost one level 11 pet, 2 level 12 pets, and one lev 13 in one week, this is ridiculous starting over from scratch every time, no other game or Oberin class suffers such set backs. Give it a penalty and lose one level, stable it for a week if you want, force us to go to Brigoban to revive the pet, but don't kill it.

    - Pets, increase speed on all of them.
    Did any of the programers ever seen beasts in nature? a bear a lion or an elephant runs faster then you can, it makes no sense that pets can not catch a running prey, a wounded beast in nature runs slower because it's wounded, even more ridiculous since Druid get xp on the kill, actually the list of what they can catch is limited down to Ants and skeletons, or yha snails wink and when they do go running after the preys, they run for miles, and miles, and miles, and miles...

    - Kill command (new Druid spell)
    Simple really, it's a spell like any other, it uses mana (possibly like calm), you order the pet to kill the prey (finish him off), the mechanics are that it only works when the beast is badly wounded, in the case of Oberin when the beast tries to run away because it's wounded, it puts an end to beast running off for miles, and miles, and miles, and miles...

    - New high level pet to tame that can hunt on water.
    The Forest Draco level 9 would make it an ideal pet to have, I would love to experiment and hunt Sea Serpents with the rest of the groups, rather then have to wait on the side lines and not even be able to follow conversations because peeps are engaged on the hunt and further on water. I'm thinking Dragon hunting and Sea serpent hunting (with some Golem hunting of course), make it tough and make it fast.

    - Color indicator for the active pets on the mini map.
    A specific colour dot shows up on the Druid Map and represents your pet at all times, this way we would know where it is and where it's heading.

    - Pet health, status in the pet journal
    When a pet is active, its health (number) shows in the pet journal, this would enable the druid to keep a closer eye on his pets. also lose less pets.

    - Heal Pet
    It needs a bit more power, it's still very weak, I have lost a lot of pets because of heals being to weak. Druids should be self sufficient on heal pets.

    - Stable
    Increase the size of the stable to double what Druids have at the moment.
    This would encourage Druids to have a more varied stable, plus wiork with all sorts of tamed pets.

    - Active Pet
    Please make the text "Bold" as when friends in party list are online.

    - Resisting Magic skill on Pets
    My thoughts, the pet's RM should match the player's RM at all times, same stats as the Mage levels his RM, this should encourage Druids to work on there RM and be better prepared, Pets having higher RM would help in being able to handle multiple magical attacks from a multitude of beast happening all at the same time, it also helps to handle poison more efficiently.

    - Medi Heal, it's a must for all mage.

    Edit: adding and Typos of course smile

  • Yes! ... someday I may return ...
    want to see the changes.

  • I would enjoy picking your Druid brain Crisian, when are you coming back, try the sheep shaver thing?

  • I can't get it to work in a way thats lag free, you now the way i pay ;_)

  • Im all rusted, think i will need to start all over again. Hope Olie is still there.
    Tame a Draco for me wink ... I will calm it for you.
    The ideas you have to take away randomness is ready necessary, then add that your pet defy rather than die. This make things interesting even for the group. Colour marking on the pet and only you can re-tame it afterwards will be nice if the marking looks like a crest or armour, role pay with a pet is a very fun activity for the Druid and Clan. I will hold back on medi-heal but add that KILL idea. I see it as a Rage-Paralysis combo spell that only work on heath bar with Less than 1/4 heath. Hope it make sense. Claiming a pet anywhere feels like cheating. Logging to stable pet also feels like cheating. But as the game stand at the moment, I say you cheat any way you can to get your pet back or keep it alive.

  • Having hunted with the Rebel leader (who is a druid) for many years, I know Fixx's frustrations very well and I support most of what Gwyddeon says - wounded beasts running too fast, inadequacy of healing spells, the problems of freezing whilst in a dungeon and losing the pet (it happened to Fixx in the Tower), the inefficiency of the calm/provoke spells. The result is that Fixx rarely hunts without Fuoco or Rosina to help his pets.

  • Druids should be buffed, that much is clear.
    I rarely play as a druid nowdays.

    I agree: calm should work much more often. It fails even on ants.
    My suggestion on pet deaths:
    Pets should auto-stable on their death at the cost of a level. Although pretty harsh, this would both make druids happy and add a reasonable amount of risk.

    Instead of a detox spell, I think pets should receive detox by the player giving a detox pot to it. This would have similar effects as a lesser/greater/full detox and finally make full detox pots worth buying. It also might be easier to code than a new spell...

    Lastly, RM has always been an issue on solo hunts. Then again, I'm not sure how that could be remedied.

  • I think the auto-stable option is preferable to defy - if Druids can really one day tame monsters such as Dracos or even Sea Serpents, can you imagine the carnage the weaker players of the group are faced with? I can remenber a few years ago when a Lich spawned at Andris cemetery. Somebody's Lava Spider defied and kept bitting Rosi, who was reluctant to kill it with her ring hoping the druid could tame back. It posed a serious risk to her when she needed to concentrate on healing other players. But the non-deaths of pets raises another issue - what do you do with taming? If Druids could keep all their pets alive, how would they level this prime?

  • Don't worry about a pet Forest Draco defying Foo, I can assure you that if my level 12 black bear defies me and decides to take a fancy to you, it will be over quickly, it will hurt just as bad as if a Dragon kissed you, your choice, a kiss from a dragon or a bear hug smile

    I learned the hard way about a pet Defying, my level 12 pet black bear, 2 bites if I remember and it was over, it was one of those "what the hell just happened" moments, it sinks in when you see all grey and that same pet runs around and targets other peeps, my first and only Defying nightmare experience, in an RTQ of all things, take my word on this, I now chose preys and beast I attack with great care and attention.

    Here is how the basic of Taming XP works (this applies to all classes who have the Taming skill)

    Druid XP is complex.

    First, you needs to understand that Druid "do not" get XP for Taming a beast, the act/process of Taming is simply to acquire the beast in a Druid stable.

    In order for a Druid to level Taming and acquire XP he must go out hunting with a pet, and kill beasts with that said pet.

    Additional details, XP towards Taming is as follows, each bite the pet takes on the hunted prey/beast gives some xp witch is applied towards the Taming Skill, if things have not changed, the final bite that kills the hunted prey/beast grants additional bonus XP. So! if the hunted prey/beast runs away, that additional bonus XP for the kill is not made available.

    The basics of XP towards levelling a pet works hand in hand with Taming and hunting, as the pets chew up prey/beasts, XP goes towards Taming as well as levelling that said pet.

    One more thing about pet levelling, it's far more difficult and it takes much more time to level a black bear from level 9 to level 12, then it take to lets say level a Harpie from level 4 to level 7.

    Only the programers have the specific knowledge of what beast gives what XP.

    We where told on the last update to go out and hunt in a natural fashion, not to pay attention to the beast level, so I'm out hunting, any thing but ants really, I do avoid Duldrus, none of the pets do well in Duldrus on solo, Bears are to weak for Golems, Tuskers to slow for anything other then Golems, since Calm does not work well I can't get the beasts off my back, and gapers are worst then pixies in that area and make a mess of things.

    Speaking of Tusker being slow, if they made that pet any slower it would walk backwards I swear.

    What is unclear about the Taming skill, is the penalty a Druid gets when a pet dies, we know it's high and a deterrent, it was made so in order for Druid to take great care of there pets, but we have no specifics or details other then that.

    One last thing on leveling Taming, be advised its a very slow process, and the Taming skill will always lag behind in levels of your other 2 primes.

    That being said, I play my Druid in 3 ways.

    A) Solo hunting for XP, this enables me to go hunting and grind what ever area I enjoy specifically to gain XP on Taming, I usually mix it up and change zones so it does not get boring, this way I get all the XP except that of the running away prey/beast. This style of hunting also includes long walk and hunts.

    rolleyes Group hunts and forget about XP, either if we set it up in advance or just make it happen any time in game groups hunts are fun, I enjoy a good adventure, remember there is no "I" in group, so you will never see me ask for the kill, I find this ridiculous actually when Druid take fit for not having made the kill, I really don't care who makes the kill, the plan it to stick together and have fun, come back home with lots of loots and every one is happy, that's what matters for me on group hunts, not who made the kill.

    C) XP to level a specific pet, hunt one level below and one above the original pet level (this applies to all beasts tamed), I found this to be the most beneficial way to level a specific pets, mind you this is an opinion only acquired thought experimentation.

  • Well you play the druid in a decent way Gwyddeon and understand the spirit of group hunting. From past experience I have learned that some druids and fighters get upset if they do not get the kill, which is ridiculous. A group hunt is for the success of the group, not the individual. Clerics can get naughty too. If they see a Bracken they rush to fight it and often ignore healing other players who are fighting other monsters. I do not think any class is faultless^^.

    Injured pray running off is not just a druid's problem. You should see Fuoco trying to target a snake or a Pixie who is moving at random while rehealing - my only sure chance is parafield if I have enough mana then bolt. An you should have seen Gawr chasing an injured Tusker in Marali hahaha - crazy the speed they gain! Tuskers are the only pets that can fight Stone Golems and even then they require the vigilant eyes of two clerics or a very high level one but, if you think of it, the same applies to strong fighters (I think only Hayate has managed to solo Golems). A Rogue like Cyric can handle them too - personally witnessed smile
    Gawr and Rosi can manage a Stone Golem but just think - Rosi is level 15 and Gawr is level 12.

    An alternative to lack of very strong pets that you can take to water would perhaps be a change to Druids' metamorphosis skills. Perhaps a level 10 druid could turn into a Draco, A level 11 into a Red Draco and so forth, so they too can fight on water. A druid turning into a Dragon would be a no go otherwise the other players will complain that he gets all the kills smile