• Hello all,
    I really want to get back into the game. I have this weekend to myself. I need to start from the ground up, with an old machine. I lost the link to Sheepshaver. I know there used to be a linked thread with a functional Sheepshaver download (for Windows/Vista). I had it once but deleted it off this machine and I regret it now. I also need help finding the current Full Client. It says to find it in the forum, but it seems like a needle in the haystack.
    HAVE: Windows Vista
    NEED: Sheepshaver
    NEED: Oberin Full Client
    If someone knows the threads, please paste in the links.
    Thanks and hope to see you soon

  • I was actually looking for this myself at one point and gave up, it seems like the link vanished.

    I will look for the link some time tomorrow if you haven't found it by then, or I will upload the files if I haven't found it by then.

  • Man, this is driving me nuts. I am trying to manually search for a post I clearly remember that had a functional SheepShaver with the OS9 diskimage. Why, oh why did I delete it from my machine. Now I can't find it on the forums!!! Still not giving up. It is the hunt of all hunts for me now.
    It seems like the OP was either Ariki or Shogun that had a great set-up guide with the download link. I used it within the last year or two. Where did that thing go? It worked so well that it completely disappeared?

    I FOUND IT..
    it was originally posted by Ariki as:
    Re: (General) Posted on 14 Apr 2012 : 00:28
    now.. how do I find it and bring it back to life with links???

    Here's the text (with copy and pasted link locations that are working so far):
    Re: (General) Posted on 14 Apr 2012 : 00:28

    So it is easier to find the downloads for the files i have compiled, Jinker suggested to create a new thread, so here it is.

    Credits to Shogun:
    First of all, i wish to give all the credit to Shogun for finding this method and in no way at all, am i claiming any of it. The only thing i have done is compiled these downloads for quick and easy setup of Oberin.

    The easiest found way to run Oberin in Lion/Mountain Lion or Windows machines, is to emulate OS9 through the means of SheepShaver.

    Each download comes with a setup guide (Jpg Image) and will run you through what you need to do before running the emulator. The emulator has the current update of 25/10/2012.

    I have also updated the SheepShaver Clients for both Mac and Windows to the most recent stable versions. Testing them along with this new Disk Image has proven to be much more stable than previous versions where Oberin would crash out.

    If you are a new User, Character Creator does work, if it says "Character Creator is currently offline" Simply reopen it and it should start up the second time. If not, try to restart the emulator.

    The current version of sheepshaver will run without clogging up the system on Lion and Mountain Lion. Also has the latest version of Oberin to date which is the 25/10/2012.

    If you have a current version of SheepShaver, i suggest to download one of these ones below.

    Windows Users - 342MB's
    (Setup Guide located under Setup/guide.jpg)

    Mac Users - 346MB's
    (Setup Guide located under setup.jpg)

    Updated Disk Image(25/10/2012) - 334MB's
    (Only Download if you wish to keep your current version of SheepShaver - Disk Image Only)

    Original Thread:
    The original post from Shogun can be found Here
    (the Shogun link doesn't work, but so far the windows link is working for me)
    and Shogun has written a tutorial if you wish to set up SheepShaver yourself.

    So now that I have a functional SheepShaver... where can I find a current full version of Oberin that will work on an emulated OS9?

    Found that too:
    current client download from the forum:
    (* current at the end of 2015)

  • Use netscape on OS9 or create a virtual folder, the latest files can be found here: