• Kalt wiped his spray-covered face and checked his blood-covered map once more. This far away, Lerilin looked about as lifeless as a fake Christmas tree.
    However, two others were chatting at the bank: Elpiis and Pakal. This group was joined by a Traveler who spoke of strange hedges and bracken that had sprouted around the Hermit's lake. Tired, she retired at the alehouse.
    Our three adventurers ran through the woods to the sounds of a distant scuffle.

    "Intruders!" Yelled the first of the brigands. Bracken after bracken fell in the face of the force's fiery fury. But this hedge-wrapped gift contained more than the group could handle, and each fell once as they fought the brigands. Still, the group managed to press forward and corner the Curmudgeon- Yes, he had been the one behind all of this.

    This malicious tree farm owner revealed his plans. He was planning to ruin Christmas by corrupting bracken and scattering the seeds everywhere. "And don't even get me STARTED on my plan to ruin mistletoe!" the Curmudgeon yelled as his guards fell around him. Soon the chunk of steel on steel rang out. However, pinned as he was, the Curmudgeon was trapped. "What is Christmas?" Elpiis asked.

    "The most wonderful time of the year!" Shouted the Curmudgeon, with his last breath.
    The adventurers examined the Crumudgen's corpse. Carefully, coal-colored clothing, coffers, candy, charms and character tokens were distributed among the adventurers. "Nothing like an open fire," Kalt remarked, roasting marshmallows.

    Soon after, the adventurers headed back to Lerilin with spirits bright- dashing through the snow.