• Hi folks,

    in older times, when computers were mostly alien type machines reserved for the rich and scientists, there was a form of pen and paper roleplaying without having a fellow group or GM at hand - game books!

    So while looking for some of my old favourites I stumbled upon this:

    Good thing is, it´s all free, playable with mouse in the browser and the whole rules are online also. Simply go to a book, click on it and start playing smile

    For those folks who remember the Fighting Fantasy series, it´s a delve into the past. Only drawback are the rather scarce, often non-existent graphics.

    For the younger amongst us: BE WARNED! You have to READ and imagine the portrayed situation! So don´t expect rendered HD graphics, rocking sounds that crush your speakers or endless actions. This is vintage style roleplaying.

    Hope you enjoy smile