• Wouldn't it be nice if all new items could stack like regents do?

    This should include "all new items", from Quest items to items made while crafting, if they are new they should stack in one neat pile taking up only a single inventory space, instead of multiple slots as they do now while filling our chests, this should also include Quest items such as Holy Daggers +10.

    I only keep what I use, robes, rings, quest items, crafting and enchanting items, everything else gets passed along (mostly given, on rare occasion traded), if new items could stack, we would save a lot of inventory space.

    PS: I would be able to delete 2 alts, no kidding, Gwydd alone needs one alt just for his Enchanting junk.

  • Was thinking about this after we talked Gwwydeon... Situation I see... players going into dungeons with many sets of armor / robes/ weapons, will mayb upset the balance of power there. Tactics and teamwork would not b as important with large supply of stuff within the Inventory/ Pack... I do realize there is a weight limit to partially control that.
    ( does a Ranger carrying 5,000 arrows seem a bit unreal ?? :/ )

    Am thinking the suggestion might b applied only to the bank accounts and/ or Guild chests...
    Even that would be of great use to many....

    At least set a limiting number on items... as has been done with Potions...

    Also wondering if there is a finite number of Robes, Weapons, and Rares... could someone actually "corner the market"... hopefully that is not possible.

  • Basically I agree with the idea of stacking items, since I always disliked the fact, that during my blacksmithing orgies I have to basically unstrip my char for having the maximum number of slots free for those crafted maces (yes some people still like to sell their stuff and not just waste them).

    Most items are stackable, except for for item that are worn or weapons. Codewise it wouldn´t make a problem to add a little number before the item and make it stackable except for one little problem: If this is done, does the code realize, that only 1 weapon wears down or will all items in that stack be affected = worn down? and if you want to deposit thse items in bank,  will it be assured, that the deposited items are at +10? Certainly a bigger coding problem than it seems from the start.

    For carrying multiple sets of armor/high number of items: I especially feel sorry for rangers for caring such unrealistic numbers of arrows, but it take them forever to kill bigger beasts. I was told it takes about 30 mins to solo killing a Sea Serpent. So how realistic is that? and why not having several robes/sets of arnor on you? On longer dungeon hunts it is absolutely necessary, since even plate wears down fast to a point, were the "tanking" of fighters becomes a hazard against the bigger foes. Personally I don´t feel too comfortable facing a dragon with AR 59 for example. And that AR is reached quickly even with black plates (not taking any rings into account here).

    From a "realistic" point of view I agree, that the current weight allowance is totally off, but so what? The number of available slots is very small anyways, so you have to decide what you loot and what not (at least when you solo).

    Personally spoken like said I really like the idea very much, but I also see a great problem in coding this.

  • Code wise there's a few ways to do this. To stack weapons and such with different values of durability left would actually force a change in the UI, and the code would be extremely long in order to do that well.
    A way it could be done is the stacking of like durabilities, +4 will stack, +5 would stack in a different pile. That is more possible.

    It's still difficult to do.

    If anything perhaps we should add another "bag" or inventory window... With weight still being a factor.

    Granted, Im a junior programmer so my idea of how it would work might be wrong, if our legendary master knows more than me (which he absolutely does ;P )

  • The way that the Oberin Code works, is not by 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 ect ect. I can see two possible ways for this to work programming wise, but the way the character files is, limits the possibility for such a thing.

    I wont say it is impossible as nothing is really impossible, but, it requires some modifications to the character files... yay.

    If it is only done on pristine non-used items, you will still have some +10 items that cant stack if they have been used at all. Hmm, things to ponder..

  • There are several reasons I mentioned the stacking items, but it was not to give Ariki a headache.

    For more bank space, a new vault could be created, that adds additional inventory space, 50 slots would be nice wink

    Apart from wanting more bank space, it was also thinking of the practical side of things.

    Take Questing,

    Holy Dager, Gwydd has 3 spare inventory slot, Mael has 4 spare inventory slot, so it makes for a lot of running around when turning in this quest, including bringing back the WHoP.

    Rung is another odd Quest, he's hard enough to pin down at times, bringing back the robes also fill the inventory. keep in mind that while I do this Quest I can not pick any items from the ground, off corps, that kind of kills the fun.

    For me, Questing also means Hunting (when time permits of course), killing beasts and looting, looking for bags etc...

    One more, take Crafting, Blacksmithing, like Ardi already mentioned, plates have to strip down to there undies in order create enough inventory space to run the items back and forth from the forge tot he stores.

    Just some thoughts.

  • Hi Gwydd,

    totally agreed.

    Oneeasy solution that was proposed already years ago is rather simple to implement compared to the stacking idea:

    All items fal into a certain class already: armor, weapon, clothing, potion, food, tools, general item. While the first 6 are categorized via their "use" button the later is rather large including reagents, quest items, crafting resources etc = those without a special use/employ button in the inventory.

    So I assume they have a kind class associated to them in the code. Therefore isn´t it easier to make a kind of backpack item in the inventory, that when clicked opens into a subscreen showing these categories?

    itrms would be first picked up as normal and then get dragged back and forth to this backpack when being needed either in the inventory for immediate use or being stored in bank (where the same subscreen method is used). Therefore we would get lots of space with a rather easy method. I only imagine that this kind of drag and drop is a bit harder to code taking the current item handling into account. So if it proves to complicated, then why not a pop-up message/window with some click option, where you decide to put the items when picking them up, like saying "Where do you want to store the item? a) inventory b) Backpack c) bank" and the same would apply when depositing the items from the backpack (a) inventory b) bank).

  • I do not like the idea of degradable items stacking. I think that defeats the purpose?