• Hello friends and thank you for the good wishes - we are both back home now.

    Gawr had an abscess in the lower abdomen the size of a grapefruit. When worried about his rapid weight loss and all the pain, I called an ambulance that took him to the same hospital where I had an appointment at the vascular clinic the next day. I was with him for 6 hours, right until the moment they transferred him to the operating theatre.

    The next day I went back and they confirmed my bypass to the right leg got blocked and a procedure would be needed to fix it. I then went to see Gawr then home to collect my stuff before setting off for the hospital once more. After my operation, some chest pain made the doctors suspect a heart attack so, whilst still only half awake after the first operation, they communicated the need for a second procedure, involving a triple bypass to the heart and a metal ring to stop a leakage from a valve (I think...). I said I wanted a few days to think about it but they came back urging me to quickly have the operation and informing my family in SIcily. Still half dazed, I signed the consent form thinking oh well, if it's over it's over.

    It is a slow and painful way now to what I hope it's recovery and I cannot sit on a chair for very long, but I would like to thank all the well wishers and the friends who have shown concern and care.

    We were able to reunite with Rebels juff and Ardi recently, plus I could not resist a photo for my friend Stryker - this was the bed in Accidents & Emergencies where Gawr was put on arrival at the hospital smile


  • Get well soon you two, I love you guys.