• Late in the evening of Sleeping Moon Day 67, Year 443, Nial trudged through the dark Marali forest to replenish the public chests in the Marali Vanguard hall. Time had slowly depleted the reserve supplies of the Armsmen and Armswomen, and Nial felt compelled to counter this--even if he acted alone.

    Passing near the guild's private forge, Nial noticed a wolf; since the beasts are indigenous to much of Marali and usually harmless, he gave it no thought. It was only when the wolf sniffed the air curiously that Nial's attention turned from endless lists of items to her.

    Since no wolf--not even his trusted ally Blackel--had sniffed the air around him before, Nial was first a bit self-conscious. He asked if perhaps a zombie had cursed him, and the wolf's responses made him think so. Looking for a Ring of Remove Curse, Nial couldn't turn up a single battered ring. Nial grimly thought that he would have to draw up yet another list of items for the hall.

    The wolf, however, positively demanded Nial's attention. While Nial had suspected the trusted Maralian guards tossed wolves and canines a steak or two, Nial heard this wolf's stomach growling. A bit hesitant, Nial gave the creature two blackened Maralian Dried Trout, which--to Nial's considerable surprise--she seemed to enjoy.

    Nial then followed the wolf out of the guild hall, where the wolf sniffed out and unearthed a magical dagger. Even though he could make little use of it, he kept it to himself; Gasby had plenty of daggers already, he reasoned, and after all, they are a bit of a collector's item. Next, the wolf found a purple shirt, which brought to mind images of the Blue Moon Festival two moons prior.

    After warning the wolf off venturing into Aborek, Nial nonetheless followed the intelligent creature into the doomed keep's fringes. Nial was amazed to see the wolf tear apart Harpie, Bear, and Poison Elemental alike. It was plain this wolf had an unusual strength, one maybe granted due to magical abilities.

    Eventually, the wolf doggy-paddled to poison island and slew a variety of enemies while Nial shamefully ran from poisoning. He felt embarrassed, but he knew the wolf was more talented than fighting than himself.

    Soon enough, however, something seemed to trouble the wolf. Nial tried to determine what it was, to no avail; that is, until an Ancient Red Dragon swooped down from the heavens and crashed into the earth near the wolf.

    Tossing away all types of heroism, Nial sprinted for the water.

    Thankfully, the Ancient seemed most interested in the wolf. As it turned out, the Dragon considered the wolf a pet--even though they later revealed the wolf was a permanently transformed Druid. Evidently, the wolf had escaped the clutched of the Dragon to find a cure, though without success.

    Nial tried to convince the Ancient to let the wolf roam free, as such creatures are wont to do; however, the Dragon heard nothing of it and flew off with the wolf in tow. From the sea, Nial gazed on forlornly as the Druid-wolf was returned to her virtual prison.

    Alone once again, Nial made his way through venomous creatures and several sea serpents toward the hall. There, he warned the soldiers of the Ancient, but told them to not attack the Dragon unless provoked. He also allowed them the same means of escape he had taken...though he wouldn't mention that order on any official report.

    Nial likewise warned the guards at the front gates of Marali, and sent out the following message to all cities:

    Ancient Red Dragon sighted, though likely not threat to humans. Engage in diplomacy; combat as last resort.

    [EDIT 9/5/15: added two pictures to hopefully make the report less boring.]

  • *A lands near Nial and drops a rolled scroll - with a note within..*

    "Armsman Nial,

    What an interesting story that seemed to unfold just at our guild front lawn. I wonder  where the druid's hypothetical jail is. It ought to be close, you would imagine? Seeing as she is lingering near Marali. Her dragon owner seemed like he may have just discovered that she escaped? It is quite curious. The real worry is if there is a nest of dragons, ancient and young alike,  near? Would this Ancient Dragon live alone? And how could we not have known of its home?

    Though, it has been quite a while since we last performed our duty to scout the forests and asure no outrage is to come. I remember the days of hunting with our officer and kinsmen and finding forts of plotting (or drunk) brigands about in the forests, and other possible dangers that gathered.

    We should gather shortly and see what we can find in the forest, even if it is just the two of us. We need to make sure nothing has changed in the years, and to thin the danger that often brews. Please respond with a soonest date so that we can gather at the guild hall and plunder the forest, so that I may begin my preperation and travel that way. Or perhaps we could meet in Mirith, which is where I am currently. Let me know..

    I hope to hear from you soon,

    Armswoman Terliyne.

    Ps. Let me know if you need potions or any supplies. My family is in Mirith as well,  and we are quite resourceful.."