• Poll: Which type of RTQ is your favorite?
    It has been a while since I have GM'd. With the new vmware emulator I can back into the swing of things. I would love to hear some input and ideas on RTQ ideas.

    So here is what I ask! If you were a GM for a day - What RTQ would you do?

    Feel free to write out a RTQ and post it below. You don't have to turn it into a story, but more so like an idea. Get into as much detail as you please, or as little as you please. I can fill in the blanks if I need to! If you post below and it is reasonable enough - I will actually use the RTQ, and even tag your name to the end of it in the form of a note.

    I also would love to hear your ideas, what sort of RTQ is your favorite? Feel free to take the poll as well.

    A few rules to RTQ's:
    -No intensive lore, no everyone playing knows lore from 10 years ago. (Though bringing the Black Hand in to cause some Chaos sounds lovely!)
    -Your character cannot be a RTQ character.
    -Keep it to 1 rtq character. The count on GM's is low, and it is hard to manage multiple RTQ characters at once.
    -If you do include a rtq character (it is not a requirement), write out a bit of dialog or their rtq character purpose.
    -Don't bother with Liches and Ancient Dragons.
    -Don't bother to write out item drops, I'll handle that smile
    - It doesn't have to be a super serious rtq! Silly rtq's are fun too!

    Hope to hear from you!

    -GM Ellina


  • Greetings for coming back smile

    I take any RTQ, being it a small one shot adventure or epic saga.

    Being an old AD&D grognard I always considered the two following module/adventure series one of the best:

    A1 to A4 Against the Slavelords (omnibus edition titled "Scourge of the Slavelords")

    G1-2-3D1-2-3/Q1 Giant/Drow/Spiderqueen series

    If you get a chance to get your hands on them, do it. They are long lasting, yet very entertaining adventures with a quirk at the end. Transforming them to Oberin terms shouldn´t be a problem )okay we don´t have orcs and drow for example, but that can be corrected with trolls and some new human NPC type). Oh and before you think it´s too burdening, these adventures have subsections indicated by the numbering, so cutting them into smaller portions is easy.

  • Group of mercenaries trying to herd a large pack of tuskers but a gaper or something shows up and spooks them and they start rampaging. cheesey

  • Ok, I take the bait.

    By "intensive lore" you mean knowing the main features of each city, the major groups of meanies, and so on? Fortunately, new players will never know them (but maybe GMs should at least be aware of as much as possible - the forum with the plots from the beginning of times is still up wink ). On the other hand, it's always been a rather cool excuse to tell stories to newer people. I loved hearing about the Eye and the occupation of Marali when I had just started.

    Alas, I think *all* the old plots and city features are long lost and destroyed by time, different hands playing the same characters, OOC issues, and all that (of which, I'm in no way denying my own share of responsibility, as I think no one who played intensively before, say, 2013 should). So trying to bring them up is only likely to make them worse, more inconsistent, full of holes.

    That doesn't mean, however, that "super serious roleplaying" can't be about giving again some sense to the world of Oberin in a meaningful way. That's the super-serious bit, I'd take it (not the pompous words). I, for one, would very much enjoy seeing again story arcs that involved many people (if there's enough people around, that is) and require lots of report typing. Or that the difference between cities would be more than just creature levels. Or... I am, as always, up to play along with that.

    And yes, I know it takes a lot of work and would be happy with just a brigand camp here and there.

    As for hack&slash... I like blood, but there tends to be an issue about the balance in those... A few deaths, ok; too easy, boring for some; impossible to play with some strategy and player collaboration, ok only if there's a very good reason... Super-serious RP, for example. wink

  • As undesirable as it may sound to newer players, I'm with Cass: I enjoy serious roleplaying. I remember one time years ago: after an RTQ hunt Nial completely missed ended, he talked with the adventurers at the Mirith bank. Suddenly, a Mirith Qchar appeared and asked about the Brigand attack.

    While I had missed the quest, I was too excited to ignore this opportunity. I followed the Qchar into the Mirith castle and talked about Brigand attacks near Lerilin (there weren't any around Marali at that time) and general fears about Brigands. "They tend not to attack in isolation." Nial said. "Their fell leaders usually engage in concentrated assaults. I would recommend additional Guards for the remainder of the Moon."

    I know serious roleplaying isn't something everyone's up for--and to be honest, I've moved to goofier roleplaying myself. But it's an opportunity I don't get elsewhere in my life. I also have tried to make my characters at least somewhat more complex than "honorbound soldier of Marali" and "ridiculously casual Rogue," and I like exploring the ways in which they aren't as good of people as they feel they should be.

    Edit: and after Cassandra's very good point about the lore, I'm fine with people explaining things to me IC that Nial doesn't know about. It's interesting how people's interpretation of RTQ events can color how they tell Nial about things--he doesn't get 100% factual, accurate tales (maybe accepting subjectivity of any Oberin history helps deal with Cass's point?). But I'm willing to ramble IC about the Majors, Commanders, and even Advisors in Marali to anyone who cares, and I feel many older players are willing to deal with lore gaps by telling what they personally witnessed. I mean, Nial still wouldn't know about King Galandir's death, the Twins' demise, and the Mirith succession without Cass. tongue

    Regarding RTQ hunts: I really liked the Mazes of Death during BMF, even though the last one evolved into something a bit much. One can expect panic and death, and in that situation, I'm thrilled to have to do disaster control. Roleplaying is more improvisation-based than hunting, however, and I do tend to enjoy that more.

  • simple idea:

    A merchant arrives some adventurers, since he´s trading in rare items and goods, saying one of his customers seeks for special ingridients (elemental essences, rare bones, etc.) and he asks the group to hunt for them (part 1). After several of thses special hunts, they are asked to hunt a dragon, since one of the merchants customers needs a dragon corpse for scientific purposes (part 2). After some time more and more dead dragons and cos are found by wandering PCs with bearing strange and unknown wounds to them. With the help of a NPC (Amalphus Vei still living?), they find out the source of it....(part3)

    some possible solutions: a dragon cult resurrected some ancient dragon unfortunately/purposefully to undead status and the apparition went wild/fullfills and old prophecy, the customer is in fact a sorcerer trying to rid Obie of dragons for a personal reason, an ancient long forgotten dragon spirit was accientally/purposedly reawakened by these experiments

  • Fairly certain Amalphus Vei is living according to lore, Ardi. Now, I could see why a newer GM would be hesitant to play him if they hadn't before.

    It's a very temporary idea, but I think an RTQ themed around a Japanese holiday would be nice. Specifically, it's Silver Week in Japan, a five-day "vacation" that only comes about every 5-11 years.

    A number of experienced Japanese players are intending to hunt in a little under 21 hours. I know that's painfully early U.S. time, but it's comparatively late NZ/Australia time. Perhaps a GM or Counselor in the UK would be able to do something?

    Maybe it could revolve around an Autumn theme, or deal with elderly items? I believe whatever drops Old Swords hasn't been encountered recently and might be scary to fight, so an NPC could possibly ask them to collect and return several Old Swords for a reward. Naturally, with a fall theme, a Silver Leaf would be the most fitting, but I know GMs can't just go giving those out willy-nilly. Alternatively, the group could have to put together a bunch of Ancient Tomes from their personal collections to satisfy a scholar's lust for knowledge.

    I know this is really short notice, but I think it'd be a fun way to celebrate a holiday season unique to an important part of our playerbase. smile

  • Hi Nial,

    been a big problem for me to know which NPC is alive and which not (okay I witnessed several dying). And it´s also a problem when GMs change and chars like AV (a former player char IIRC), are still in charge game wise spoken and not being played/used by current GMs. My personal assume here is that some of the "political" NPCs like Mayor Pamler were removed to invent new NPCs by the current GMs to have more freedom in their RTQs.

    I definitely like your idea of a japanese themed/asian player suited RTQ, since those guys seem to be left off in a way (the language barrier being a problem for that reason is also probably a factor, besides the time zones). But I heard a rumour, that a japanese player was promoted to GM status to serve that part of Oberin community.

    Otherwise it would be nice to see those folks back more regularly in game (like many others btw). Oh and for your Silver Leaf remark: I don´t see a big problem in giving them out more, since it still requires tons of gold to get the good items (GPRs for example). So why not?

    So in summary: nice idea of investing personal items for a RTQ. A brand new idea as far as I know:

    *Two thumbs up*

  • Oo oo oo. Like the others, I'd be happy with anything. But having a plot to follow was always the best part. Spending time in-game and out, letting the imagination run wild, trying to predict what would happen next, forming strategies and determining where our characters fit in to the whole thing. Story arcs involving many people, yes. Lots of report typing, most definitely! tongue

    An intriguing plot attracts more players, and better yet, leads to more interaction between them. I loved all the different and sometimes opposing viewpoints that surfaced in the larger plot arcs. Part of what makes these stories so great is that everyone brings something different to the table. You've got the main, overall plot arc. GMs produce individual RTQs with the intention to advance the story in some certain way, and often times, I bet, they end up with something different from what they expected. Players react in so many different ways, shaping the story through their responses. The result? An engaging and enjoyable communal experience that will remain fondly in players' memories for a long time to come.

    I suspect it's this sort of thing that draws players back to the game over and over again, and encourages the new players to stick around. Before I became heavily invested in the roleplaying side of things, I spent all my time hunting with friends, fighting off brigand raids, and just lounging at the bank. I still spend most of my Oberin time doing those same exact things, of course, and they definitely represent a super important part of the Oberin experience. But once I got involved in "serious" roleplay (read: once I posted my first RTQ report), it felt like I was really contributing something to the community. Something beyond being a meat shield xD

    And of course, as Cass mentioned, old lore is dead. But I would also add: so what? Thinking back, my first large story arc – the Ice War – was almost completely devoid of preexisting lore. But everything that happened became lore. As I remember it, this story arc – which I love to glamorize so much – really just began as a way to deal with camping in the Ice Dungeon. And now I can tell fanciful stories of the thrilling battles and campaigns, the bold heroes and devious villains. But in the end, those are just old stories. How about we make some new ones?

  • Combine the option of Hardcore role playing, and an RTQ that last for days please.