• Hello everyone!

    I know I haven't been around for a long time but I wanted to pop back into the forums to say hi because Oberin was a very important game in my life.

    Some of you may know me and others may not. I'm happy to see that Ariki finally got what he wanted and that Oberin is being updated regularly once again!

    Anyways, here is my update: As some of you might remember I've been in college studying game design (this was largely influenced by the people I met here in Oberin and the effect you all had on me as a young teenager). I recently graduated and I am now working for iThrive Games, an initiative to promote positive psychology in video games for adolescents. One of the biggest parts of my job is helping those who do not play games understand the positive mental effects of them.

    The story I always tell people is about my time playing Oberin as a young teenager. What a lot of you may not have known about me back when I played Oberin regularly was that I was very depressed from bullying at school and dealing with an alcoholic father. My sanctuary came from Oberin but, more importantly, from all of the people who played Oberin with me. I learned a lot about how to be a good person from my interactions with this community and Oberin saved me from what could have been a far worse future if I did not have you all as friends.

    This coming Monday I am giving a presentation to the rest of the iThrive team (who are mostly people who are not gamers) about MMORPGs and how they help people work through difficult times in their lives as well as give them a place to hang out and spend time with friends. So I would like to humbly ask if any of you would be willing to share a story or two about how Oberin or any other MMORPG has changed your life for the better or helped you through a difficult time in your life. Stories about making true friends or connecting with people from all around the world would also be fantastic. Many of my team members have never even seen an MMORPG so they have no idea how fantastic these games can be.

    Thank you so much in advance everyone! I look forward to reading all of your stories.

    I hope the blue moon festival is going well!

    With love,
    Hania Ravenheart

  • Hania! Just read this post. Thank you for opening your heart and your troubles to this little community. I am so glad to hear you turned some very negative past into something totally different and I promise I shall contribute a story as soon as I get fitter!