• This has probably been discussed in the past, but i would like to bring it back to life. It has come to my attention that it is vital in highly dangerous areas to have the ability to move past another character. Dungeons/caves/mazes can become very tighlty packed spots and as such they have become a place of death for many - simply because characters were stuck. I can propose two ideas.

    1. Players can simply move past other players as if they were a firefield. Thus a character would still block creatures, but not humans.

    2. If option 1 does not work, or is not implementable, then i suggest every class be given a teleport spell that works in the same way the teleport spell works for druids. Seeing as how every class already has MP, and this type of thing is already implemented into the game - it should not be hard to set this up.

    Thank you for any input!


  • I see option two as impractical. Many sewers (Andris for example) have areas where a single teleport can cut out two thirds of the work. Also, this would enable players to jump right on top of chests, and jump away. Conbine this with stealth and hiding, and it would change the entire dynamic of hunts.

    However, I agree with you. Getting pinned behind another player and dying is certainly a huge issue, though it could be said to be a part if gameplay, not bad (same category as missclicks). For this reason, I do like option one. It's simple and wouldn't force re-designs of dungeons. My major worry is that players could stand on other players, and then damage would apply in an unknown fashion.
    This could easily be rectified by only allowing a pass through if a square was available in the other side of the stationary player.

    In short: teleportation would change a lot that should not be changed, but I think that option 1 would work if the moving player "leap-frogged" through the other, if there was a square available.

  • Thank you so much for your reply Kalt! I see what you are talking about with option two! Maybe the option for teleport could only be possible if it involved teleporting through people?

    And I agree with what you said about option one! If 4 or even 5 people blocked your way and then you tried to move in their direction you would end up moving onto that 5th or 6th spot because spots 1-4 are already taken.