• Okay just four words (or perhaps some more):


    - you are a hardcore Arni fan and thought "Twins" was funny, therefore any Arni movie is a must-see
    - have money to blow out of the window
    - want to waste time AND not craft on Oberin (okay GM´s forgive me for that one smile)
    - want to drink beer at the cinemas and stop thinking about logic (any pub is better suited I guess)
    - you want to ruin everything you love about Terminator 1 (if the other parts didn´t do that already)
    - afterwards you want to feel old and your plan to delve into nostalgie was horribly crippled and devastated

    To give a quick guideline:

    Don´t try to understand it! Don´t expect any cinematic highlights or the promise being fullfilled

    "We bring all the missing links into a logical string".....Trying to understand that movie is like explaining the string theory to a dumb monkey = me smile

    Perhaps I am too old and stupid to get the whole thing right