• Okay, I searched and tried a bunch of gibberish, but found no results.

    Are there any guides out there focused on Taming?

    For now, all I want to know is how to claim a pet from the stable and name it.

    I used to know this stuff, learned just from talking to people. I have since forgotten and there are fewer people these days, it seems.

    Also.. I think Fighters should be able to tame to level 2. My fighter deserves a pet dog.

  • Commands:

    claim - will claim first pet in your pets list

    claim [name] - will claim that pet

    /pet[#] [name] - this will name your pet of the slot [#]


    guard! - this will put your pet on guard mode, it will run at your speed when following you, you can not control which creature it attacks.

    attack! - this will make your creature attack what ever it if you target, however, your pet will run at its default movement speed when following you

    heel! - It will not initiate in any fights, and it will run at your speed.

    release! - releases your pet

    speak! - make the pet make its creatures sound (Such as a sheep, would make the "bahhh" sound)


  • Thanks and thanks for all you do for all of the Oberinians - Oberinites.. uh yah... thanks for real

  • On the subject of pets, has anybody found out if there is an optimum feed technique? For instance 1 food item (say raw steak) per pet level? Also, to be honest I think pets need feeding at an alarming frequency - it cannot be right! I was hunting with Maelthne last night and his Black Bear needed feeding every 10 steps. My cat too wants to eat a bit too often. 

    In my opinion, this does not make much sense and detracts from the pleasures of the hunt - you have to constantly worry about not starving the pet and, in groups, druids often have to lag behind because of this requirement. In reality, pets do not eat more often than humans. Large animals of course need larger quantities but... smile

    Can this be looked into?

    Many thanks


  • This is how bad things are!


  • Just saw this Post Foo. I posted in the ChatBox, but will add more details here.

    First, Congratz on that wondeful Cat, and Welcome to the world of handling Pets.

    As I wrote int he ChatBox, now you understand when Druids say "it's insane how much and how often they have to feed pets", as Sixtus once put it "they are steak vacuums", it gets better, wait until your are in battle, or running around for your life while juggling foes, then you have to stop dead on you tracks just to feed your pet so it does not die on you, and it happens very fast if you have a few seconds of innattention.

    It's not a joke, you got it right, the pet feeding schedule is totally insane, it's to the point that you will hold up groups, and you will put your life in danger while feeding your pet just so your don't lose it.

    Here is what I found.

    It does not really matter what command your pet is on (Heel, Guard or Attack) while walking around, the difference is minor, it needs a lot of food. I tried several methods, and here is what works best for me on Solo.

    I feed it 3 steaks when it says "Full", (and 8 steaks when it says  it's hungry, read below about battles), here is why, you get into a habit of "feeding and not forgetting you pet's needs", feels weird though putting so much attention in a pet, but it works.

    If I'm on a hunt and in the middle of a battle, I feed as soon as I can (8 steaks when it says it's hungry), that means putting my Druids life in jeopardy many times, no joke, you have to stop dead on you tracks and key in the feeding amount, then target the Pet, hopefuly you hit the Pet on the first attempt when lag occurs (when several foes/beasts are around there is a lot of lag).

    Wiki says the following and it's very accurate "You can stay in control of your pet's level of hunger with the "Pets Window". It will pass the stages "Very Full" - "Full" - "Hungry" - "Starving" (usually followed by a red text in the players window, don't go there) - "Famished" comes after and very fast, a few seconds really, and if you haven't fed it at that point it will die.

    Pay a lot of attention to that red text that shows up in the players window witch says "your Pets is starving", because a couple seconds later it's dead.

    Please (be warned), "Do Not" put your pet on Guard or leave it on Guard until you have very good control of your pet (you lack several Druids spells to control your pet), because it will attack what aver agros on you regardless of the foes level. if your pet does get unwated agro, it will be very difficult to get ago off of your pet. if this ever occurs you can attempt to fight your way out if you are sure you can win, or log out before your pet dies, but you may die. don't forget there is lag time beween when you log out and the server actually kicks you out (about 4 seconds), take that in consideration when looking at the pets health and considering fighting your way out.

    One more thing, you noticed Pets eat a lot on walks, they eat even more as you are in battle, I found that the bigger the beast it's fighting, the more food it wants/needs, keep your eyes on that Pet Window and on your players window at all time.

    Fixx gave me a good trick that works very well, I hide part of the pet window with other windows, and only show the active pet (adjust to witch pets is active of course). see Pict attached.

    PS: Since I know how much pets eat, I often feed other people's pet just in case.

    Edit: Pict uploaded after some 20 tries


  • Luckily CoPs just need opponents ;P