• TLDR: Let's all try to make an up-to-date list of item values! (thanks to all those who have given me ideas/prices in game so far!)

    THE (ever-growing) LIST (please post things I missed or values you think are fair!):

    Robe of Protection
        Brown: 5k ------ Black/Purple: 18k (black may have depreciated)
    Robe of Resistance: much more than 10k (oberinwiki)

    Pure Crystal Ring: 100k (oberinwiki)
    Lesser Protection Ring: 25-30k (oberinwiki)
    Medium Protection Ring: 150-200k (oberinwiki)
    Greater Protection Ring: 500k
    Lesser Mana Ring: 150-200k (oberinwiki)
    Ring of Lightning bolt: 20-50k (oberinwiki)
    Ring of Remove Curse: 20-40k
    Ring of Lesser Heal: 35-50k (oberinwiki)
    Ring of Brute Strength: 100k (oberinwiki)

    Rose (of any color): 1k

    Dwarven Hand Axe: 30k (oberinwiki)

    Log: 100gp
    Ferrite: 100gp
    Black Ferrite: 200-300gp (oberinwiki)
    Volcanic Ash: 20-30gp (40-45gp for large quantities) (oberinwiki)

    Short Bow of Power
    Short Bow of Speed: 200k (oberinwiki)
    War Hammer of Power: 5-15k (oberinwiki)
    Glaive of Power
    Club of Power: Everyone gives you this for free.
    Katana of Power
    Katana of Speed

    Class Token

    Bone Mage Stave

    Purple Egg

    Tarnished Necklace
    Charm of Swiftness
    Charm of Undead Cleansing
    Charm of Loyalty

    Ancient Tome: ~20k +

    Holy Dagger: 10-15k
    Bracken Seed: slightly less than 10-15k

    Shattered Crystal Skull
    Ancient Rune
    Ice Crystal
    Small Moon Fragment

    Dragon Tooth : 800-1,000 GP
    Dragon Scale
    Mystic Sigil
    Golden Candelabra

    Silver Leaf: 800k-1.2M, up to 5M (oberinwiki)

    FYI: Silver Leaf Shop Prices

    Store Token: 50k
    1 token = RoLH
    2 tokens = RoRC
    3 tokens = LPR
    4 tokens = RoLB
    5 tokens = MPR
    8 tokens = GPR

    Hey guys I've noticed no one ever seems to have a clue as to the value of various commodities. This could be because so many people have all they need or are willing to obtain what they need without trading with others. Furthermore, Oberin people are so nice that more often than not they simple give what they have to anyone in need. This is part of what makes Oberin such a fun and supportive community. Thanks everyone!

    However, I think it would be nice if we all spent a minute to collectively value common desireables as a group. I think this would be useful because it would revitilize Oberin's economy and promote more player interaction. What you have in excess others often need, and vice versa. Some people love lumberjacking and others can't stand it. Some people like specific colored robes that aren't always available. We're all different but our various interests can complement and help each other if we want to.

    Most "values" I've seen assigned to rare rings or items are either literally the same as 5-10 years ago (which doesn't reflect the huge inflation that has occured as well as increased supply of many of those items), or is completely unknown to most active players. Being fairly young compared to most players, I've often desired items I have no way of making myself, but strongly dislike begging/getting things for nothing. I have enough self-respect that I'd like to compensate those who have/can make what I need/want. I'd like a way to trade something of value for those things I want, in a way I know that not only I will be happy, but the person I've traded will be happy and satisfied as well. If we at least created ball-park figure values for a lot of items that we agree upon it would make it easy and comfortable for all of us to trade with one another in a way we know will be fair to all parties involved.

    So I propose we make a list right here of items that most people need or would trade for, and assign a gold value simply as a way of comparing items. I'll list some here and would really appreciate your comments and insights into what you think a fair price for each item would be. We can even create "ranges" of values if we don't want to assign a specific value to an item. And maybe you can help me to understand if some items are more rare than others (for instance are some colors of robes more common or rare than others? Other than brown RoPs that drop from Zombies I have no idea how easy/hard it is to find/make a robe of a specific color--I just wear what I have). Maybe when we're done we can move this over to the Oberin Wiki, or at least update the wiki pages? I know Jedd and others work tirelessly to provide useful information up there, I just think in this area they could use our collective help.

    Edit 1:  Ok I have to go and this list isn't complete it's just some of the items I saw on the Wiki that seemed the most valuable/tradeable.  I obviously have no experience with 99% of these items so feel free to comment below with values, items I've missed, or tell me to take an item down that isn't worth trading, etc.

    Edit 2: Thanks everyone, I really think this will help not only new players but old players and even guilds (or potential guilds looking to save for a guildhouse, etc.) and hopefully stimulate the Oberin economy a bit!!

    Edit 3: Added Oberinwiki prices (highlighted in red) for stimulating discussion on prices--are you ok with those list values? Are they inflated?  What do you think?

    Edit 4: Put my reasoning on why I'd like us to make this list at the bottom of the post under "Background."


  • as far as I know logs and ferittes tend to go for 100gp each.
    HD's tend to go for 10-15k if I remember right. I figure bracken seed would be worth less than that since you'd have lose some exp.

    in terms of scales and MPRs I'm not too sure, as there are a lot less dragon hunts now than a couple years ago.

    Weapons that can only be found in bags or made through blacksmithing with essences will be worth more than those you can get from quests I guess.

  • Black RoP = 18k GP
    Ancient Tome = Black RoP + 500 XPs...    A.T. should bring more...

    but I hav seen few Ordo Chao(sp) members for awhile...
    so maybe price for Black robe needs to decrease, as their order's costume fueled price...

  • Thanks to everyone who is posting or finding me in-game to suggest prices!

    Does anyone have a feel for the value of RoR's? In general they seem less common/harder to get--but also people have a RM stat that makes RoR's at some point less valuable? I don't know how the pros/cons of a RoR factor into its actual value--please help!

  • In my spare time today I'm going to start updating any item with a price I see on oberinwiki. Hopefully this will stimulate some discussion on whether those prices are fair or out-of-date. I will try to highlight the oberinwiki prices in some way.

  • Most of the prices that can be found on the wiki were taken from the latest comprehensive price list, which is almost 3 years old now. A good deal of the prices are probably out-of-date (although I still use it often >.>). More discussion is needed, to be sure.

    For one thing, RoLBs have since quadrupled (!) in value – in theory. The price listed on the wiki comes from a not-so-distant time when the quest was 12 purple eggs -> RoLB. The current requirement is 48 eggs. That being said, I don't think anyone would pay 200K for a RoLB. But 20k is certainly too low.

    Also, lol at the CoP tongue

    Edit to add: Please, please, please feel free to add any of this stuff to the wiki. I'm quite out of touch with the player market, so it would be a huge help!