• I have about 50 Blue and about 20 Green eggs, and in no way will be able to reach 100 for the GPR.  So I figured I'd put them up for sale rather than keeping them in my bank for a year waiting for the next Easter event.

    So I'd like to sell my eggs to whoever would like them (you can buy some or all of the eggs), but because I'm not interested in gold or robes or weapons (I'm a cleric/druid and make my own leather armor etc.), I'd prefer payment in the form of logs or ferrite.

    So I'd like to offer the eggs for sale at a current price of 1 egg = 10 logs or ferrite.  If there is a lot of interest or you want to offer something else of value you think would pique my interest feel free to post it here.

    P.S.  If you are wondering at the price, I have 2 characters with extremely poor mining and lumberjacking skills and spent the last couple of nights gathering ferrite and logs myself.  I was able to amass several hundred of both in a matter of a few hours, whereas that total of 70 eggs represented a couple of weeks worth of nightly hunting and searching and collecting eggs, both individually and in larger groups (at least 2 hours dedicated searching per night at least 5 nights a week so like 20 hours total for ~70 eggs, not to mention the cost of my deaths/lost items in that process...).  in contrast I spent about 3 hours mining and 3 hours lumberjacking over the last 2 nights, so about 6 hours in complete safety.  I was able to harvest over 300 of each in that time period.  Time wise if you divide eggs gained per hour versus logs/ferrite gained per hour (even with my horribly low skill at harvesting) you get a gain of roughly 3.5 eggs/hr vs. 100logs/ferrite/hr.  The time ratio there is 28.6 logs/ferrite to eggs in terms of time efficiency.  And I imagine many of you have better than lvl 4-5 mining and lvl 5-6 lumberjcking out there so the time efficiency would be even higher.  I am just writing this in case people wonder how I arrived at 10 logs/ferrite per egg.  I just want to be clear that for the amount of time invested (at least in my hands) 1 egg represents almost 30 logs/ferrite, and I felt offering the eggs for only 10 logs/ferrite each was very reasonable, and could potentially help those of you out who still are in need of eggs so you could get your GPR.  Plus eggs are a scarce/limited commodity, whereas logs and ferrite are an infinitely available commodity, which should definitely increase the relative value of the eggs over logs/ferrite. I know I'm very ignorant in terms of trading value of items since I basically never do it, and I've never bought/sold logs or ferrite before, so I tried to determine a logical value of these two items in terms of the time required to obtain these items, time being our most valuable commodity.  If any of you have more trading experience and would like to offer up your experience for my education please don't hesitate to do so.  I'm just taking my best stab at figuring out a value for these eggs.  Anyway.  Hope this can help some of you meet your goal of 100 eggs for your GPRs!