• Elstin is going out of bussiness.
    After a run to the silver leaf shop Ariki, Dubashi, and Stein heard some grim news. Elstin is going to shut down the his bussiness due to the lack of customers. Though our group came and spent a considerable amount of money, it is not enough to keep this chap running. He said that 12 silver leaves are out there in the world of oberin, because people are hoarding the leaves and not cashing them, both the bussiness of the silver leaf shop, and the other players in the world suffer from its consequences.
    To all those with a silver leaf! If you dont want to go to the shop, sell your leaf so that someone who wants to buy from Elstin can take the opportunity. It is because of this kind of behavoir that Elstin said he will have to close shop. 

    Remember to support small bussiness's. If the silver leaf shop closes, is it our fault for not going there. Not a threat but a call to action.