• In the midst of a cold blue moon night, Lexine, Sylvan, and Stein were gallivanting through the forests of Lerilen.
    After some time Lexine had to make a leave and the hunt continued with just Sylvan and Stein. Reaching the southern edge of the forest Sylvan tracked an anomoly. Humans? In the forest? Odd... Approaching the location, the hunters stumbled upon a band of brigands. The brigands were dealt with swiftly, as well as the shelter from which they emerged. The adventurers vacated the site, the hunt was over, or so they thought. As they flew to the north they ran into something even more strange then brigands on the island continent of Lerilen. A brigand mage challenged them into battle. Ripost, and spells dashed as the battle escalated not just physically but with words. The mage taunted the warriors, seemingly invulnerable to their assaults. The battle ended with the mage dissapearing, not before warning his adversaries of the looming "Blood Crusade." He stated that there was a fort to the north, when the warriors went to explore they discovered this makeshift and doorless construction. Inside was a colony of black dracos and brigands. It seemed they build the edifice around a portal from which they arrived. For unknown reasons this construction exploded releasing a flock of fire elementals. The events from the night leave an air of mystery as well as a feeling of looming battle.

  • Rumor has it that the "Blood Crusade" is the revenge Elphina inspired by the battle of Vandrovic. Only time will unveil the truth. If anything then Lerilen, as well as all people of the lands of Oberin, should be thankful for the warning from this brigand mage. Now, if need be, we have time to prepare for war.

    Another rumor is ARDENT could be involved.

  • Jozlyn spotted a Brigand camp with Lave Spiders and Bracken southeast of the Lerilin portal. Jozlyn fought many spiders and was battling the first of many Brigands when Yendu arrived with her Lion. The two ladies discussed the fact that this camp might be part of the Blood Crusade they'd heard about. Unfortunately, Jozlyn was needed elsewhere so she left the camp to Yendu.


  • Threat eliminated on Day 84-85 of the Blue Moon, Year 442 (2015/01/04). A note found near the brigands’ shelters indicate that Captain Falcatae of the Blood Crusade is responsible. It is unknown why or how this new vampire threat came to employ human soldiers for his cause.


  • On Day 94 of the Blue Moon, Year 442, there was yet another threat disrupting the peace of the Fishing Town of Lerilin. East of the Town Pub on the beach there was another Brigand Shelter. Amidst the battle between Yendu, peven, Tagora, Raza, Terra, and Otakay, a Priest came and joined them to eliminate the threat. After the threat had been eliminated, orders were found telling them to "disrupt the beach as much as possible." There was also a portal there in the middle of the camp; however, the Priest could not disrupt it. The threat has been eliminated; for now.


  • Day 175 of the Blue Moon, Year of the Goddess 444

     What I saw today, in the company of Gasby, explained some unusual sightings I had of late and, relating my findings to my husband, Gawr, he confessed he had seen something similar in Mirith about a moon ago, but had kept his mouth shut thinking he was hallucinating and fearing my reaction at him drinking too much in the local tavern.

    Gasby and I were strolling in Andris Park and,

    whilst chasing a snake, we bumped into something unexpected

    Now I know why some bats attacked me outside the city gates!

    I had marvelled at the presence of the beasts, as they only live in the crypt at Andris cemetery, and in fact I had gone round the burial grounds but without noticing anything unusual.

    It seems that the Blood Crusade are preparing more trouble for us so please be alert! 


  • (for the sake of continuity, I copy here the letter that Jedd has written to Lans. However please note that the letter contains a link I could not copy - refer to the original in Jedd's thread called Blood Red)


    Dear Lans,

    I pray this letter finds you in good health, and that your enterprises in the Vale are still operating smoothly. Events in the Red City have persuaded me to stay put for the time being, so we will have to continue using this avenue of communication for a little while longer. There is much to tell and little time to tell it, so I will try and keep this brief.

    First and foremost, be aware that I am going to follow the advice of Arduis and refrain from posting a public notice regarding recent developments. He is right in saying that it is not a good idea to let our enemies know what we know. Therefore, distribute the following report to your informants as per usual, but have them tell only those they trust.

    On Day 223 of the Blue Moon, Year 444, Jas and I came across Viktor within the walls of Andris. His research on artificial blood is progressing, albeit very slowly. He has, however, learned of previously existing research into the same subject – research carried out by blood mages. He hopes to capture one such mage alive, in order to get his hands on their information.

    Not long after this exchange, Jas, Rosina and I were attacked by a zombie at the bank. The zombie was being controlled remotely, through the use of black magic. Joined by Gawr and Arduis, we traced the source of the magic to the east of the city, near the cemetery. There we found a mage who knew how to transfer the black magic consumption from himself to various human corpses or 'hosts',  similar to the black mage that came to Mirith two years ago.

    After some initial fighting, this mage felt inclined to talk freely. He told us that a necromancer has secretly joined forces with the Blood Crusade. The mage claimed to be only interested in knowledge and spells, and that he has no reason to assist the Blood Crusade in enslaving the human race.

    The next day, back in the city, Charlotte paid us a visit. She is still safe and under the protection of Viktor. We asked her to inform her mother of the information gleaned from the black mage. Charlotte also told us that Elisabeth's attempts to cure Pervil have still not succeeded, but that Pervil's condition is currently stable. Viktor then appeared to take Charlotte back to their hidden abode.

    P.S: You may want to look into recent missing person reports. A scout of Andris let me know that there have been multiple instances of travelers gone missing, from all the cities of Oberin. Traces of brigands, lava creatures, and even the undead have been found. This could all be happenstance, but in light of recent developments, we must be extra cautious. I leave this investigation to you.

    P.P.S: Next time you see Ryen, do let him know about Charlotte.


  • Day 230 of the Blue Moon, Year 444, Andris

    I had reached Andris Bridge and sat down on the beach, gazing at the waves. My stroll had been a long one and I could feel my eyes closing. Not the ideal place to rest if one had any sense, a Gaper could get curious and play tricks on you. I shuddered at the thought, as Sea Serpents like swimming in the proximity, and got up on my feet, ready to return to town. I chose to travel below the path and feel the soft grass under my feet. Still immersed in my thoughts, I progressed in my journey at a slow pace, until I felt a change in the air - this seemed to be getting warmer and warmer, then the wind got stronger. Dismayed, I witnessed a tempest of fire heading towards me - could the Volcano have erupted with such intensity?

    Now it was a matter of life and death for me, as I fought the angry elements that kept pouring forth. When the storm abated, I cautiously continued my journey, not knowing what might hit me next. With the corner of my eye, I thought I saw a figure of fire below me. Fight or flight? I stood there, with my feet well planted on the ground, in defiance, but the creature did not advance towards me - it did not take me long to figure out that it must have been contained by some barrier.

    Exhausted by the long struggle with the elements of fire, I reached the city and sought my niece and her husband, begging them to investigate. The two made the necessary preparations and departed. At my suggestion, they approached the area from the beach below the portal. I desperately needed some sleep but my anxiety was great and I sat at the inn, eagerly awaiting (and praying for) their return.

    Gawr and Rosina reported of a long struggle against creatures of the Volcano - Lava Spiders, Rust Beasts and Fire Elementals had invaded that part of the usually sleepy Andris countryside south west of the last mountainous outcrop before the bridge. After fighting hordes of the alien attackers, their steps led them to a camp protected by huge fires and two Brackens. Within the camp, they saw some Hell Mages.

    A messenger was dispatched to Mirith and reinforcements arrived quickly. A strategy was planned by Hayate and carried out by the little party. The camp was soon cleared and the group stood aghast as, upon inspection, they realised this was a Blood Crusade teleportation area. Andris was not going to be safe from Elphina's evil claws.


  • The mugs of ale were coming and going from Arduis table as Fire Elementals dancing at the volcanos bottom. Did he aquire the same habit like his brother Gawr? Drinking to forget? With every large gulp of that pale ale the fighter tried to swallow down his anger about the recent encounter with that Black Mage at Andris cemetery. This teleportation power of him was simply too hard to comprehend with, he was trying to soothen his anger. But as the mugs went pint after pint, that effort seemed more in vain...

    Arduis watched the farmers, merchants, dock workers and some city guards while they laughed, played dice games or simply enjoyed in a good drinking song. Did they realize what danger was hiding in the dark, only to be openly seen during the Bleeding Moon? Of course they were not aware of Fuocos and his fight to rescue one of their kind from being kidnapped by Brigands some moons ago. Certainly not since otherwise they general mood would have certainly be depressed and clouded. Rumours from travellers and merchant were spreading that more and more and more lone travellers and even some regular inhabitants all over Oberin were disappearing of late.

    What did that damned Black Mage say? A powerful necromancer allied himself with the Blood Crusade and that a thousand times cursed vampire hag? What was her name again? Elephantina? Another pint would bring enlightenment to this. His thoughts revolved more about that Black Mage anyways. Jedd mentioned, that he was in Mirith quite some time ago, so he was no new adversary to some. Was it the drinking or his constant headache, that made it hard to remember those past events? "Feed me power, weakling!" that sentenced suddenly shrieked in his head like a lost soul in the Abyss. It hit him like a hammer: These words were uttered by the Bone Mage accompanying the Black Mage. He never remembered them being uttered by the soulless burning Bone Mages, or was his mind starting to fall apart or what was it, that Jastherin mentioned? The undead they sent back to the eternal night starting to talk intelligently? He ordered more of that smooth amber coloured friend he had as company the whole evening already.

    And what about that talk of vessels from the Black Mage? The corpses they saw when they approached the outskirts of the cemetery vanished after the Black Mage summoned some of the undead he sent against the small group of Jedd, Gawr, Rosina, Jastherin and himself. Also their adversary was interested in the movements of the zombies? Was there a difference? Not obvious for him, but somehow Arduis had the feeling, that the Black Mage manipulated them somehow beyond the summoning. Did he control them somehow? And did they talk, a spell being fully functional, the Black Mage said? Magic nonsense, he bruched that thought aside and took another big gulp. Controlling and improving soulless and stripped of everything life-like undead, what a stupid thought that this might be possible. But what was really frightening for the experinced warrior was the fact, that the Black Mage used one of the corpses to summon a Hell Mage! Fortunately that was the last of the corpses, so no more summoning for the Black Mage , Ardi thought to himself. Truely a foe that could cause problems with that power.

    But was he really an outright enemy? Arduis began to put the converstaion together, piece by piece. That Black Mage stated, he just wanted to learn more black magic spells. Didn´t he mention that he wanted to see how far he could control a zombie? That seemed like a nightmare and the fighters doubts were not lessened concerning the motives of the Black Mage. But on the other hand he confirmed he would never align himself with necromancers, since they only concentrate on the undead aspect of black magic. A faint smile rushed over the sweaty andsomewhat reddened face of the tavern attendant in his lone corner. Summoning, Controlling and what-not-else of Gapers, Stone Golems or Dragons by a mere wizard? Teleportation across great distances? Fairie tales from Oberins past....or was there a possibility, that such powerful spells existed within that unholy realm of ethernal darkness called black magic. Arduis shook his head, not in this life or any other , he told himself.

    One tiny yet important detail surfaced within the Nomads mind like a snake advancing stealthy to its prey. Jedd asked if the use of vessels negates the side effects of employing black magic by the use or consumption of vessels? And since the Black Mage totally agreed, there was a way to go around that obstacle and cast black magic spells as long as there were enough vessels at hand. Now if that was really the truth, then the Goddess may have mercy on all humankind of Oberin.

    Since his head was more than just spinning, and not only from the splendid ale consumption this night, Arduis de Gispard decided to leave the tavern for his quarters. As he stepped out a mild wind was breezing, the city´s lights started to appear in one window after another. Andris awoke to another hectic day of crafting, selling and buying, cooking, eating, chatting, loving...Good that he drank so much that night because otherwise his sanity would have snapped at the peaceful picture of a city getting up from its nightly slumber. The cat sitting next to him just looked at him. Did it smile? Naah impossible... but who knows?

  • Letter to Jedd care of The Hidden Vale Hall

    Day 18 of the Fighting Moon, Year 444

    My dear friend,

    I hope this letter finds you in tolerable health.

    Shaken by the recent events, a few days ago I checked the area where the Black Mage had set camp - all was quiet except for the presence of three Giant Spiders. The do not usually stray that far so I made a point of investigating further, but there is nothing to report. Maybe they were strays and the result of the mage's experiments.

    I then set off for the Lerilin continent to check the roads. I cannot claim I visited all the nooks and corners, but the overall impression was one of yet undisturbed countryside - having said that, I did not venture into the caves.

    Still restless, I walked to the Lerilin Bridge and crossed it, taking the road to Marali. That area is unfamiliar to me so I proceeded with the utmost caution. I even saw a Lion - it had been a long time since I had last spotted such beasts!

    I think I was pretty close to the bridge when a Gaper greeted me with its tricks. I now remembered Rosina's narration of a journey she undertook with Gawr not two moons ago - the Marali Bridge area had been crowded by Zombies and Gapers that tried to feed her to a nearby Sea Serpent. You will understand my reluctance to proceed any further, alone, in that direction. I retraced my steps and took the direction of Port Gast, then on past the Andris Bridge, towards the Old Forge. Here too, all was undisturbed.

    Judging by the arrows I found on some creatures between the Gast and the forge area, some ranger must have roamed the lands - I wonder if they have seen anything unusual! Also, if such a thing were possible, I would say that Gapers looked wary too - they often travelled in pairs.

    I returned to the Andris territory and inspected the site of the teleportation camp, but this has been dismantled - the area is peaceful. I also roamed the land to the north east between the bridge and the portal - again, all seemed in order.

    Have scouts been employed to check the roads in the Mirith territory? It stands to reason to assume such camps have been set in strategic areas of the various continents.

    Awaiting your news,

    Affectionately yours

    Fuoco of Andris