• Hunt 1:
    1 What do you get if you cross a pixie with a harpie? (This was the most answered question! )

    Squeaky abuse of course!- Fuoco
    Dusty Feather- Gawr
    Fartknocker- Dakanto
    The answer is an angel- Johan
    Elwood Very Angery- Granthor
    A hippie!--Cadeyrn
    Pixie dust!-- Pablo
    You get an Angel-Zhede
    Avian Flu. -- Otaktay

    2 If you have walked all the way to Andris how many steps did you take?

    The same number of licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop- Nieven
    Too many. Why walk when you can port? -- Granthor
    1000! maybe....-- Pablo
    820ish give or take a skip and a jump--Gawr
    One down the road, one in the grave, and one on a banana peel.-- Otaktay

    3 Why is the WHoP the weapon of choice for fighters? (I received more responses, too much animosity, goes to prove no one likes fighting! But in Oberin we love our fighters smile )

    Because they like WAR- Fuoco

    4 What would you call a druid that has tamed a tusker? (I received 3 answers for this question from a certain crazy wizard...I chose the response that seemed to most puzzle her wink )

    Slowcoach?-- Fuoco
    Hard to kill. -- Granthor
    This question is irrelephant.-- Llino

    5 Why is it that you always hear birds but you never see them? (Apparently this was a trippy question...we will leave it at that....)

    Because it is all in your mind.-- Granthor
    They hide in the treeeeeees.-- Cadeyrn
    I don't eggsactly know the answer to this cheap question.--Llino
    Cause they already pecked out your eyes.-- Otaktay

    6 What's the buoyancy of a raft? Please supply a numerical answer. (Nerd alert!)

    500 pixels per kilobyte squared- Nieven
    Gaper o ikadani tunaide ukabimasu! /I think it works by connecting the gapers to the raft-- Hayate
    I'm not much for buoyancy puns but whatever floats your boat.-- Llino

    F(buoyancy raft) equals the amount of water that has been displaced.
    W = weight
    p = pressure
    A = area
    h = total height of the raft
    g = acceleration due to gravity
    y = height of the raft that has been submerged
    m = mass

    W(raft) = p(raft) * A * h * g
    m(water displaced) = p(water) * A * y
    W(water displaced) = p(water) * A * y * g
    p(raft)Ahg = p(water)Ayg
    p(raft)h = p(water)y
    y= (h * p(raft))/p(water) = 550h/1000 = 0,550h
    p(raft) = 550 kg/m^3
    p(water) = 1000 kg/m^3
    That means 55% is submerged
    So if the raft has a total height of 20cm and has an area of 40 cm by 40 cm (0,16 m^2)
    That means the buoyant force of the raft = 1000 * 0,16 * 0,11 * 9,81
    = 172,656 N = 173N -Cadeyrn

    7. Did you have fun? (A better reward would have been food?)

    Fun yes, despite the lack of lobster pies!- Gawr

    Hunt 2:
    FEED ME! I am so hungry! Make me a delicious meal.
    (After reading some of these ingredients I wonder if some of you are trying to poison me! wink )

    1. What ingredient did you get here?
    Ant mandible- Fuoco
    Love- Pablo
    Diamond dust.- Arduis de Gisp
    My lion! - Orest
    Ginseng? --Granthor
    Queen ant's leg -- Cadeyrn

    2.What ingredient did you get here?
    Pixie Dust- Arduis de Gisp
    Garlic and tusker tails- Rosina
    Pixie Heart!- Pablo
    Spiced Cider- Orest
    Pixie Dust. - Granthor
    Forest Draco Wings.-- Cadeyrn

    3. What ingredient did you get here?
    Acidic Glands- Fuoco
    Them sausages!- Rosina
    Spider legs.- Arduis de Gisp
    Glitter wings.- Orest
    Scorpion Stingers.- Granthor
    Bear steak. -- Cadeyrn

    4. What ingredient did you get here?
    Spider Fangs- Fuoco
    Spider milk!- Pablo
    An ingot. - Arduis de Gisp
    Bloody Vodka.- Orest
    Bat wings or spider legs or spider fangs. - Granthor
    Foehan Vodka.-- Cadeyrn

    5. What ingredient did you get here?
    Spare ribs- Rosina
    Red Nate's Rotgut Rum and roasted gaper stalks.-- Arduis de Gisp
    Foehanic Ash. -Orest
    Brig head. -Granthor
    Red eggs.-- Cadeyrn

    6. What ingredient did you get here?
    A few dragon teeth- Rosina
    Ferrite. Arduis de Gisp
    Guard essence. -Orest
    Rat tails. - Granthor
    Bat wings.-- Cadeyrn

    7. What do you call this meal? What will I drink?
    Red Nate's Rotgut Rum and roasted gaper stalks.-- Arduis de Gisp
    Roasted Gaper Stalks- Rosina
    Ores'ts Deadly Dumpling.- Orest
    Very Spicy meal with a glass of Unhappyness. - Granthor
    Marali Whiskey, Red Nate's Rotgum Rum.-- Cadeyrn

    Extra- Cadeyrn gave us a Menu!
    - Queen ant's leg
    - forest draco wings
    - Bear Steak
    - pixie dust
    - Foehan Vodka
    - Red Eggs
    - Bat Wings
    - Marali Whiskey
    - Red Nate's Rotgum Rum

    - Starting off with Red Nate's Rotgum Rum, together with scambled red eggs.
    - Followed by a vegetable soup, with mixed bat wings, giving it a slightly richer taste, but not overwhelming, decorated with one small batwing on top.
    - Followed by fried forest draco wings, marinated with pixie dust.
    - Next up is the huge bear steak, with a mushroom sauce, served with a sauce of mushroom and marali whiskey. As a side dish, we have the boiled Queen ant's leg.

    - And to finish things, we're all having a glass of foehan vodka together

    Hunt 3:
    Father Vei's Origin of Oberin Species has been destroyed!
    Help him restore it! Gather the information from the parchments you find.
    Courtesy of Modlin:

    The first one was The majestic Forest Dragon with a wing span of 15 human lengths (squares) and grow to be ancients at age 400..
    Second was bat cave bats apparently eat carrion carcasses produced by rats
    3rd was the Ice Dracos with Skin of blue to help them survive the cold environs of the ID
    4th the PB's of The island off the coast of Aborek.. They deal powerful damage and poison while having an Armour rating fit for a fighter
    5th lava spiders at the volcano, their power comes from the magma itself
    6th Stone Golems (rock giants) East of Duldrus dealing more damage in a single blow than any previous beast..
    7th the house on the lake where the nameless one studies SS whose skin is made of crystals!

    Courtesy of Cadeyrn:
    Text clue 1:
    The forest dragons are truly magnificent creatures. With a wing span of just reaching 2 tiles, they can reach an amazing width of 5 tiles, intimidating their foes before crashing down on them, annihilating them. Only the daring and capable will look for a fight with a dragon.

    Text clue2:
    Bats and rats, they seem to co-exist in peace, but this is all because the bats are eating the carcasses left by the rats. If this weren't happening, the bats would be sure to make quick work of the rats, those nasty vermin.

    Text clue3:
    It is amazing how some monsters have the ability to survive in such conditions. The ice dragons, surviving the coldest cold, maintaining that cold and using it to their advantage: thus, a warning for adventurers: "Look out for ice dragons! as blue as the sky they are!"

    Text clue4:
    The sand spiders have the power to both strike a deadly blow, while they also have an efficient poisoned attack, which kills their target from the inside.

    Text clue5:
    Magma is the life force cursing through the veins of the volcano and nurses the lava creatures to their full power. They even say a magma golem is created out of hardened magma, but due to the heat nobody is able to touch it. Those who have tried to analyze it by touching it for an extended period of time no longer have the ability to touch. Once one enters the volcano, a hue of deep reds can be seen, everywhere. The further you go, the deeper red it becomes, and if you go too far, this red is abruptly turned into gray.

    text clue 6
    Stone Golems are slow walking boulders of stone and raw power, their fists have force enough to take down even the mighty mountains themselves, creating baby golems in the process. As such, they are often found around the largest of mountains.

    text clue7:
    Sea Serpents are magnificent creatures. Unlike their kin, The Phase Serpents, they can only swim in the sea, as their name says. They are colored a nice green with tiny yellow dots. These yellow dots are actually gems. the gems are part of their thick skin which is practically impregnable except for the sharpest of blades, or the deadliest magic strikes.With their fierce jaws killings hundreds of thousands of humans, they have become an incredibly feared sea creature.

    Courtesy of Fuoco ,Gawr and friends:
    Chronicle of Lerilin findings

    Venturing in the woods of the continent, I chanced upon a cave and, after some deliberation, lit a torch and proceeded to explore it. I found it to be inhabited by Giant Bats, a few Giants Snakes and Giant Rats. They seemed to coexist in peace, scavenging and eating the carcasses left by the industrious rats who, in the absence of traditional sewers, had chosen to populate the docks of the fishing village and the complex labyrinth of tunnels which, from the outskirts of Lerilin, runs deep below ground for many leagues. The smell of guano was overpowering, so I was obliged to refrain from exploring further.


    The need for fresh air and natural light led me in a north westerly direction. This leisurely walk in a more congenial environment brought me to the shores of a lake. Alas, the beauty of the scene that unfolded before my eyes was marred by some scaly creatures of alarming proportions - by instinct I knew it was best to keep at safe distance, so I sat on the grass, content to study them at arm's length, so to speak. A roaring sound startled me - just a few steps away from my observation point, one of the beasts had reached, with its surprisingly long neck, a sheep that was grazing nearby and devoured the meek creature at disconcerting speed, This gave me the opportunity to observe its skin, which appeared thick and encrusted with gems, and the fierce jaws. Jaws capable of killing most humans in one bite. The swishing of the formidable tail caused some water to splash on my face and I could taste salt. I was in the presence of Sea Serpents!


    Fascinated by the sight of the Mountain that regurgitates lava, I drew closer and wondered if there was some access that would allow me to study this devastating force of nature a little closer. Eventually, one of the tight passages in the rocky surface proved the lucky one - vapours were pouring out of the entrance to what could possibly be the bowels of the mountain and, wiping the sweat off my forehead, I ventured to take a quick look inside. I was invested by a wave of heat that almost suffocated me but, after the initial shock, the body somehow adapted to the hostile environment. Maybe the walls of stalagmite acted as some sort of coolant. Here I observed that magma seems to be the life force of the creatures of the mountain - almost all characterised by skins of deep hues of red - Lava Spiders, Rust Beasts, Fire Elementals, Red Dracos and Dragons were certainly at home here, but I do not know what to make of the Hell Hounds and the Giant Bats. How did they manage to retain the characteristics of their kin who live in the open air? And I was positively mystified by the presence of Bone Mages! One attribute red coloured creatures seem to have in common is immunity to magic fires.


    My Journey to Duldrus

    After a perilous journey, I reached the remote territory of Duldrus, probably one of the most hostile regions in Oberin. As I followed the road towards the mining village, I was struck by the appearance of a creature of gigantic proportions - each step it took caused the ground under my feet to shake. I had met a Stone Golem. These creatures are slow walking boulders of stone with enough force to take down even the mightiest of fighters. Subsequent studies have revealed that etherite is their life force.


    Two days later I set sails from the docks at Duldrus and, at vespertide, spotted what, in the distance, looked like a snowy peak, just visible by the feeble silvery light of a young moon. I disembarked and found myself on a tiny islet. A shiver ran down my spine and I wrapped my travelling cloak tighter around my figure, then pulled my hat down to better protect my ears. Maybe the icy wind would not strike so hard in the nearby recess? By Elara! I nearly tumbled down a hole in the ground! Struggling to my feet, I realised it was not snowy ground my hands were grasping for support - I was holding onto something solid... a ladder!

    If there is a solid ladder, there is probably life, I thought to myself as night fell and the moon shone more brightly - now she was the sole mistress of the skies! My eyes turned to what was below me - I discerned a faint glimmer and, one cautious footstep after the other, descended into what revealed itself to be some dungeon of ice. Maybe an ancient realm? Who lived in such a remote and forlorn environment? Some creatures had indeed adapted to this hidden world, buried under snow and water. I marvelled as I observed the local fauna which had developed the ability to survive in such cold chambers - blue as the sky they were... Frost Spiders, Ice Dracos (so many of them!), Ice Golems and fearsome Ice Dragons. The only creatures that came to remotely resemble humans were Frost Giants - a bunch of crude barbarians, if you ask me!


    Poison Island, Marali

    Still full of my disturbing encounter with the living Mountains of Stone and the Creatures of the Ice, I continued my journey and, having reached the ruins of Aborek, the sight of the floating carcass of a Harpie slowly driven ashore by a south easterly current, somehow pushed me to cross the water in the direction whence it came and, after a very short voyage, I landed on a sandy island. Sand Spiders and Giant Scorpions were scuttling around. My eyes lingered on the latter and rested on their formidable stingers, with their power to strike both a deadly blow to incautious travellers and rapidly poison their blood. Their thick carapace can prove difficult to penetrate except by the hand of more experienced hunters. Sand Spiders seem to rely principally on their poison, which they inject into the bodies of their victims through their fangs. Our species has learned to extract the liquid from the glands of these creatures and make efficient poisoned weapons.


    Mirith Territory

    Partly walking through woods and partly along roads, I left Marali and found myself facing a huge rocky chain. Wondering what I would discover on the other side, I paced up and down, exploring every crevice, until by the will of the Goddess I found a narrow passage. Pushing my satchel behind my back, and paying attention not to tear my robe, I managed to squeeze through it and emerge into a thickly wooded area. No signs of human life, but the forest was rife with sounds. I recognised the piercing voices of the Harpies and advanced in a south westerly direction. From time to time I would spot a Giant or a Poison Elemental or a Rust Beast (funny that some creatures of the Lava have adapted to such a different environment and yet retained their scarlet hue!). Suddenly what seemed like a strong gust of wind violently shook the treetops - may a storm was approaching?

    It was no storm that suddenly shook the trees and obscured the sky above me. Any other sound suddenly ceased and a dark green creature, speaking human language, roared its anger at the presence of my good self - just an insect, as it put it, and yet very unwelcome! Such are Forest Dragons, so wise and yet so intolerant. With a wing span that equals the size of probably twelve human beings lined in a row, they can reach their prey at alarming speed, and take no prisoners!

    The End

    Entry in Father Vei's diary:

    I was glad to return to my home in Brigobaen after such a long absence - even the musty smell of the library cheered my heart. After a good night's rest, the task of re-arranging my scrolls and editing the results of my research for posterity would not seem so daunting.

    Hunt 4: 
    Father Vei has recovered some of his Origin of Oberin Species.
    He needs your help identifying the thief.

    1) Male or female?
    Yes.-- Alidar
    Female.-- Granthor
    Neither. A Lizard Man stole it.-- Kalt
    Female.-- Rosina

    2) What color was the thief's hair?
    How should I know!-- Alidar
    It had none.-- Kalt
    Red.-- Rosina

    3) What was the thief wearing?
    Clothes!-- Alidar
    A blue hat.-- Granthor
    The thief wore leather armor and wielded a sickle.-- Kalt
    Clothes.-- Gawr
    A strange robe. -- Rosina

    4) Was the thief carrying anything?
    Probably I mean he's a thief.-- Alidar
    A knife.-- Granthor
    Babble babble babble.-- Kalt

    5) Did the thief have a companion? A pet?
    Maybe?-- Alidar
    A rat named Sneekers.-- Granthor
    He himself was an animal, so no.-- Kalt
    A phase serpent.-- Raza

    6) What city is the thief from?
    Marali!-- Granthor
    Lizard Fort.-- Kalt
    The City of Hell- where else?-- Rosina

    7)Give a short description of the thief. Provide a sketch .

    Thief is a Lizard Shaman. He stole the info so more men might find themselves dead.-- Kalt

  • Hunt 5
    Dec 8 Hunt
    1) What happened here? Are there creatures we cannot see? Ghosts?
    Once upon a time, Dwarves were believed to live in that dungeon. Many moons ago, we just caught sight of one but he swiftly disappeared into a remote corner, which we could not access. This was in the days when ranger Flingee roamed the lands.-- Aleisa, Astrea, Gawr, Hacton, Hayate, Kalt, mikomi, Raza, Rieven, Rosina
    Death!-- Yanina
    Liches...always liches.-- Granthor

    2) Why was the entrance to the dungeon made in the shape of a skull? What evil lurked here?
    Because it was made by those who are dead.-- Granthor
    Maybe to warn off any explorers that only death was to be expected if passing the threshold. I like to imagine it was a den of Pirates.-- Aleisa, Astrea, Gawr, Hacton, Hayate, Kalt, mikomi, Raza, Rieven, Rosina

    3) Who lived on this island? Were they far away to hide their evil deeds?
    Ralston....and yes he had some Privateer business that got him killed.-- Granthor
    Evil Doers!-- Anakajae
    When I was younger, there was a tale of Brigands who had retreated there. They had hollowed the trees to hide in their trunks and pounce upon any unwelcome visitors. The trees were still hollow when juff, Gawr and I paid a visit. Those trees must have died as new ones have now grown on this tiny island.-- Aleisa, Astrea, Gawr, Hacton, Hayate, Kalt, mikomi, Raza, Rieven, Rosina

    4)Why were the Lizards never successful in taking Mirith? Is the tunnel haunted?
    Yes.-- Granthor
    Because they had not the Ssssstreanth.-- Granthor
    The Lizard Men learned that, despite suffering some defeats (there were bloody battles at Welif), Mirith was not prepared to succumb. All the people of Oberin came to support the Royal City and drive away their commanders - Ssscglaw and Ssssglissya.. The Lizard Men had learned to build rafts but we destroyed them all! Unless they choose to join forces with the Hill Giants, under the command of somebody cleverer than they are, they'd rather defend the exit of the tunnel on their island than venture within. --Aleisa, Astrea, Gawr, Hacton, Hayate, Kalt, mikomi, Raza, Rieven, Rosina

    5)How do the vermin survive here? Who hid all the treasures?
    Rogues of the Futures past.-- Granthor
    They are yucky that is why!-- Anakajae
    They survive by eating green fairies?-- Raza
    My aunt hid the treasures!-- Rosina
    They feed on the filthy discharge of the sewers - there are open pipes and, I suspect, on the carcasses of their kin! As for the treasures, maybe this was the work of some clever and mysterious Master Rogue!--Aleisa, Astrea, Gawr, Hacton, Hayate, Kalt, mikomi, Raza, Rieven, Rosina

    6) Where did this island come from? What will it be used for?
    The ocean (duh) it will be used for Evil.-- Granthor
    It surfaced during the reign of King N'eroth. Maybe one day, we would have been able to find some secret access to the volcano. --Aleisa, Astrea, Gawr, Hacton, Hayate, Kalt, mikomi, Raza, Rieven, Rosina

    7) Why is this specific bracken kind to humans? Were our races once allied?
    He is torn between both sides knowing that both are wrong and both may be right.-- Granthor
    I guess Brack figures that, if he gives us logs and we give him roots, he can make his species survive!--Aleisa, Astrea, Gawr, Hacton, Hayate, Kalt, mikomi, Raza, Rieven, Rosina


    Hunt 6
    Dec 15
    1) What did you buy here?
    A red jester hat!-- Pablo
    A GM Royal Robe.-- Granthor
    Shimmery blue lace. -- Anakajae
    Pair of red pants and red shirt.-- Arieh
    Shears.-- Kalt
    RED SHIRT!--Raza
    The lack of shame.-- Stein
    I bought 99 bottles of Rum in a Gypsy Thrift Shop Store.--Wervund
    Pants.-- Gawr
    Roll of cloth.-- Rosina
    Bunny slippers.--Rieven

    2) What did Valisica offer you?
    A GM Katana of Speed!-- Granthor
    Dragon scale encrusted belt.-- Anakajae
    She offered me hot chocolate for it, wasn't good enough an offer though.-- Arieh
    Red dye and Trollhouse cookies.-- Kalt
    A present!-- Raza
    To forge back my strength.-- Stein
    My own strength.--Wervund
    She offered us a welcome greeting.-- Gawr
    A hammer!--Rosina

    3) What did Marcial offer for your outfit?
    1000 Roses of all kinds.-- Granthor
    Diamond inlaid chain mail ladies gloves.-- Anakajae
    A pointy hat.--Kalt
    Pair of purple boots!-- Raza
    Flamboyant colors.--Stein
    1/8 Fine piece of dust.-- Wervund
    A belt you say!-- Gawr
    Some bright colored cloth!-- Fuoco

    4)What did Melaka suggest for removing dints on armor?
    A good smith (i.e. her).--Granthor
    A hammer.-- Stein
    Same thing I do for stains...seltzer water?-- Arieh
    Pixie dust and goo, polishes and scrubs!-- Anakajae
    Polish.-- Kalt
    A hammer!-- Raza
    She rather suggested how to prevent them: stay away from Rosina's kicks.-- Gawr
    She really said dents can be fashionable!--Fuoco

    5) What did you buy from Cormac?
    A Trident.-- Granthor
    A nice pair of tap shoes to go with his act.-- Arieh
    Form fitting blue tee.-- Anakajae
    A new belt.-- Kalt
    Black jester hat.-- Raza
    A way to cover my wounds.-- Stein
    A rock sandwich.-- Wervund
    I'd like to buy one of you finest grey silk shirts please boss!-- Gawr

    6) Which of Paralia's dress suggestion did you follow?
    Suggestion #1.-- Granthor
    I am wearing a light blue topaz encrusted skirt and black boots as she said.-- Anakajae
    I found the pointiest shoes possible.-- Kalt
    I don't like her taste, I prefer metal clothing.-- Stein
    None. She is out of stock and her next shipment isn't until next year!-- Wervund
    I'll take the jester's hat to go with my shirt!-- Gawr

    7) Describe your outfit.
    Best outfit ever!!-- Granthor
    If I wear armor it will be polished and shined with pixie dust and goo! I am wearing shimmery blue lace in my hair with a blue topaz encrusted skirt and a form fitting blue tee, dragon scale encrusted belt, and chain mail lady gloves.-- Anakajae
    Babble babble babble.-- Arieh
    A pointy green hat with a striped belt, a green robe and pointy red shoes.-- Kalt
    Gray shirt.-- Pablo
    Yep, bikini thong!/ Brown robe, purple boots, and a black jester hat.-- Raza
    Simple but effective.-- Stein
    Red like the blood of my enemies.-- Wervund
    Hunt 7
    Dec 22
    1) What would you buy your favorite cleric?
    The finest pint of ale in all the land!--Zhede
    A purple ROR!-- Raza
    Ginseng!-- Pablo
    A year's supply of dragon teeth.-- Orest
    GM Black Robe of Protection--Granthor
    Lesser Mana Ring.-- Fuoco
    Hmm, a ring of lightning bolt.-- Fixx

    2) What would you buy your favorite druid?
    The finest pint of ale in all the land!--Zhede
    Ring of Lesser Heal.-- Fixx
    A blue collar for their favorite pet!-- Raza
    Amber!-- Pablo
    Ring of lesser heal and yummy pet food.-- Orest
    A pet bat to play Guano!-- Kalt
    A Druid Class Token-- Granthor
    Ring of lesser heal of course!-- Fuoco

    3) What would you buy your favorite fighter?
    The finest pint of ale in all the land!--Zhede
    A poisoned katana!-- Raza
    Stave!-- Pablo
    12 clerics!-- Orest
    A WHoP cuz it IS what they do.-- Kalt
    GM katana of speed!-- Granthor
    Sickle of speed.-- Fuoco
    Hmm, a glaive of speed.-- Fixx

    4) What would you buy your favorite ranger?
    The finest pint of ale in all the land!--Zhede
    A bow of durability!--Raza
    Club!-- Pablo
    Magical bows!-- Orest
    A good internet connection.-- Kalt
    GM bow of power.--Granthor
    Long bow of power.-- Fuoco
    Hmm, Long Bow of Speed!-- Fixx

    5) What would you buy your favorite rogue?
    The finest pint of ale in all the land!--Zhede
    A ring of invisibility!-- Raza
    Pack of nails!-- Pablo
    A thousand locks!-- Orest
    A poisoned dagger.-- Kalt
    GM Poison Dagger of Speed!--Granthor
    Hmm, Dagger of power?-- Fixx
    A dagger of speed!-- Fuoco

    6) What would you buy your favorite wizard?
    The finest pint of ale in all the land!--Zhede
    A ring of greater heal!-- Raza
    Electric eel!-- Pablo
    A ton of volcanic ash!-- Orest
    A ring of remove curse.-- Kalt
    Ring of Lightning Bolt.--Granthor
    Lesser Mana Ring.-- Fuoco
    A lovely stone baked pizza! cheesey-- Fixx

    7) What would you gift a GM? *we love candy* Merry X-Mas!
    The finest candied apple cider rum in all of the land!--Zhede
    A lot of CHOCOLATE!-- Raza
    Homemade raft!-- Pablo
    A candy island!--Orest
    Probably that pumpkin p...rem, candy. Yeah totally!-- Kalt
    Anything they want.-- Granthor
    A candied BIG HUG!-- Fuoco
    A big night out on the town with all the trimming and plenty of ale!--Fixx

  • Hunt 8: New Year's Resolutions

    1) What is your 1st resolution?

    Don't ever go into the Marali Crypt.Even if it smells like cookies-- Dakanto
    To stop dying!--Granthor
    I am resolved to visit the docks at Duldrus.--Gawr
    I am resolved not to get killed by the Monsters of Stone…shoo!--Rosina
    To have more FUN!--Raza
    My first resolve is to focus on studies.--Stein

    2) What is your 2nd resolution?

    There are no other Resolutions!--Dakanto
    Not to kill my pets.--Dakanto
    I wish to visit the Welif Docks!--Gawr
    I shall kill any Bone Mage on the path!--Rosina
    My second resolve is to die less.--Stein

    3) What is your 3rd resolution?

    Get to that next level.--Dakanto
    To stop making GM hate me.-- Granthor ( I resent this :'( 3)
    I shall visit Port Gast!--Gawr
    I shall kick any blink hound that wants to bite my robe!--Rosina
    My third is to resolve the Mystic chord of Alexander Sriabin.--Stein

    4) What is your 4th resolution?

    Try to keep my clothes on.--Dakanto
    To sell my RORs at cheap prices.--Granthor
    I want to visit the Andris docks.--Gawr
    I shall make mincemeat of any Poison Beast that dares attack me!-- Rosina
    Not to die in real life would be nice.--Stein (agreed!)

    5) What is your 5th resolution?

    Dance more.--Dakanto
    To turn in some roses.--Granthor
    I fancy a trip to the port at Lerilin!--Gawr
    So do I- I have a bone to pick with those rats!--Rosina
    To redeem myself from the death in gas.--Stein

    6) What is your 6th resolution?

    Learn to read a sextant.--Dakanto
    To get a lev up in taming.--Granthor
    Next on my agenda is a journey to Centre Isle!--Gawr
    I wish I could hang a hammock between those tropical palm trees.-- Rosina
    To keep my integrity.--Stein

    7) What is your 7th resolution?

    I resolve to pay my respects.-- Dakanto
    To get this pixie off my case-- Granthor
    I am determined to achieve class level 12.--Gawr
    I am resolved to become a level 16 cleric!-- Rosina
    Hunt 9 Jan. 5
    Note: Not too much happening during this hunt, I guess you all prefer to live in debt wink

    Pay for your gifts…steal some gold

    1) How much gold was there in the graves?

    Babble babble babble.--Dakanto
    Bah-- just enough to restock Rebels Hall with a few mugs of ale!-- Rosina

    2) much did you make?

    A few hundred gold pieces and a bagful of hides.--Rosina

    3)Tasty loot: yes or no?

    I ate my loot. =[ … Zhede
    Hmmm…could have been better!-- Rosina

    4)Fancy skeletons, fancier loot! How much?

    Probably enough to shove a handful of magic flowers in my sack!-- Rosina

    5)Did you bring your mining axe? How much did you get?

    Now we are talking! A few thousand Gold Pieces from a Stone Golem.- Rosina

    6)How much gold do you have now?

    Elpiis had 29 gp smile

    7)Can you pay for all your gifts?

    Hunt 10 Jan. 12
    The thieves must pay!

    1)What are the receipts for?
    Fooling accountants!-- Anniqa
    All the bought was pancake mix…--Dakanto
    Armor polish.-- Sheldon
    Bah, maybe the thief/thieves wished to bribe somebody? Were they themselves bribred to perpetrate the robberies? Not enough clues yet.-- Fuoco

    2) Did you find the stash?
    No, the dracos got there first.-- Anniqa
    No! And I really wanted some chocolate, too.-- Sheldon
    Nothing, zilch, nada, niente, rien.-- Fuoco

    3) Name a place that was robbed.
    The Ice Dungeon was robbed the last time Whisp was there.--Sheldon
    Brigobaen.-- Anniqa
    Ant Cave- chest robbed!-- Fuoco

    4) Who did Vilohin say hired him?
    Vilohin is no snitch!-- Yanina
    The Mirith Vanguard!-- Anniqa
    I asked him a number of times but he wasn't talking. However, I observed he wore a new bit of jewelry with the royal seal of Mirith.-- Sheldon
    The rascal refused to speak- must have been bribed by the thieves!-- Fuoco

    5)What did the thief leave here?
    Dirty socks!--Anakajae
    The thief left a fire, some scorpion gristle, and a crumpled bit of used tissue.-- Sheldon
    Empty bottles and some tracks.--Anniqa
    A fire and a few chewed roasted Harpie wings.-- Fuoco

    6)How come the thief knows all of your hideouts?
    I forgot to turn off GPS on my orb.--Anniqa
    Because I talk too loud when I drink!-- Sheldon
    Do they? It seems to me they swiftly move from place to place to avoid detection!-- Fuoco

    7)We have YOU! Into a cell thief!
    This is an outrage and an insult to all the years spent educating my niece…grrrr!-- Fuoco
    frown --Anniqa

  • Hunt 11 week Jan 19 2015
    Duldrus Cave

    1) Who is in your team?
    -Funnily enough we ended up with one person per class— this is the bunch of nutters that composed my team.— Fuoco
    -Whoever shows up.— Kalt
    -Lots of people!6. — Yanina

    2) What do you expect to find here?
    -Scary stuff!— Anniqa
    -Trouble with a capital T.— Fuoco
    -Lots of spiders.- Kalt
    -Stuff!— Yanina

    3) Potions check: How many GHP do you have?
    -20 so far.— Anniqa
    -Fully stocked of course. Even my madness has a limit smile — Fuoco
    -204— Modlin
    -Full stock!— Yanina

    4) How many times did you die before killing the dragon?
    -Zero...woot woot.— Fuoco
    -0.— Yanina

    5) Did you bring cleric? Are you happy that you did/didn't?
    -Would I travel to such a place without a good one?— Fuoco
    -Yes I am awesome.— Yanina

    6)Answer one: did the druid come in handy? Why didn't you bring a druid? ?
    -We brought a druid— Cadeyrn
    -Yes she did!— Fuoco
    -Yes and yes!— Yanina

    7) Would you do this again?
    -Not alone!— Anniqa
    -Yes, with these companions!— Fuoco
    -With this lot yes.— Yanina

    Hunt 12 week Feb 2 2015

    A band of dwarfs has been seen hauling gold. You follow them!

    1) What did the dwarves leave behind?
    -Broken mining axes.— Fuoco
    -Some mugs of ale. *burp*— Kalt

    2) Does it look like they are hiding a treasure or looking for more?
    -Judging by the map, they appear to be looking for more.— Fuoco
    -Hiding one. Why else would they be going to obscure places?— Kalt

    3) How many dwarves do you think there are?
    -5 at least!— Fuoco
    -Seven dwarves is the traditional number right!— Anniqa

    4) Does it look like they found something here?
    -Other than beasts and brackens, difficult to say.— Fuoco
    -They found blood and mayhem?— Anniqa

    5) What do you think they had here?
    -Some treasure for sure, possibly gems.— Fuoco
    -They had fun?— Anniqa

    6) Who sent the dwarves to search for treasure?
    -It seems the queen sent them on a mission to gather and save gems to make royal jewels.— Fuoco
    -The queen's jeweller.— Anniqa

    7) Who do you think killed the dwarves and why?
    -Anniqa reckons it was the nasty black bears. Perhaps they took a strong dislike to the butterfly axes?— Fuoco

    -The big bad bears killed them! Because they taste better with honey!— Anniqa

    Hunt 13 Week Feb 9
    Week of Love

    1) Think of a special oberinite, are they male or female?
    -The first is a male – Dester, second is Angela (Angie)— Arduis de Gisp
    -Male (last I've asked)—Cassandra
    -Cassandra— Sophina
    -Male— Fuoco
    -The special Oberinite I am thinking of is male.— Kyl
    -Male.— Raza

    2) Where did you meet?
    -Dester in Lerilin, Angie in Mirith—Arduis de Gisp
    -At the bottom of Aborek (last I remember)— Cassandra
    -Marali?— Sophina
    -We met in Lerilin.— Kyl
    -We met in Marali.— Fuoco
    -Lerilin.— Raza
    -Female.— Kalt

    3) Is there a favorite place you hunt with them?
    -He is not on any more, or we haven´t met in years and Angie plays, when old farts like I have to sleep.— Arduis de Gisp
    -At the bottom of the Volcano (or at the dangerous Lerilin Docks)— Cassandra
    -All of Oberin!— Sophina
    -Round and about— Fuoco
    -We like to hunt in various places but mostly around Mirith.— Kyl
    -All over Oberin!—Raza

    4) What class do they play?
    -Dester is a ranger and Angie a cleric— Arduis de Gisp
    -Wizard, of course— Cassandra
    -Wizard.— Sophina
    -Fighter— Rosina
    -He plays a cleric.— Kyl
    -Wizard.— Raza

    5) What makes them special to you?

    -Dester was the first to help me playing the game after I suffered my first death due to a Gaper (the one which was replaced by the Pixie SE of Leri), by giving me advice, armor and weapons. Angie was probably the first, besides Dester, who chatted with me and she wrote me a PM trying to persuade me to stay, when I decided to stop playing years ago.— Arduis de Gisp

    -He takes good care of his pets, especially ants and other wizards, even if Andris doesn't like that— Cassandra

    -She's trustworthy, fun, and likes blood.— Sophina

    -He is special to me because he makes me laugh. He is intelligent and compassionate with and endearing devious streak.—Kyl

    -Their sense of humor!— Raza

    -He is my husband!— Fuoco

    6) What would you give them to show your love/appreciation for them?
    -I probably ask Dester, what he needs the most. And with Angie: hey she is a Rebel, I support my club wherever possible smile— Arduis de Gisp
    -All my silver leaves, plus any red egg I can find— Cassandra
    -A cup of tea and a good book.— Sophina
    -A flail of speed and a lobster pie!—Fuoco
    -If I could I would give him a new laptop to show my appreciation for his friendship.— Kyl
    -Chocolate!— Raza

    7) Which of these places would you choose as Valentines hideaway?
    -Unfortunately none. In RL I have to serve a life long sentence (being married harharahar), so playing romantic games online? No way!— Arduis de Gisp
    -The Wall of Trees, of course!— Cassandra
    -Atoll.— Sophina
    -I would choose #7.— Kyl
    -Diamond shaped tree formation NE of Centre Isle.— Fuoco
    -Lerilin.— Raza
    Hunt 14 Week of Feb 16

    The Oberin census wants information about you!

    1) What is your name and class?
    -Sophina Aroona Longlocks, Ranger.
    -Cassandra, wizard.
    -Fuoco wizard
    -Kalt, wizard.

    2) Where were you born?
    -I want to say Mirith, but I don't remember anything before Lerilin.— Sophina
    -My hopes are in Marali, but I wouldn't know for sure.— Cassandra

    3) Tell us the first time you faced danger alone.
    -I once very bravely tried to make it to Mirith on my own shortly after arriving in Lerilin... I took a wrong turn and ended up in Aborek. Inside. Aborek.— Sophina
    -Zarco abandoned me in Lerilin and told me to deal with the sheep. Then Kwes did the same at the cemetery in Andris. Maybe a whooooole moon later!— Cassandra
    -Heheeeee- Marali cemetery when I was a child!—Rosina
    -When I was young and stupid and got down to 5hp via rats.— Kalt

    4) Tell us of one of your greatest battles. Who were your foes?
    -Rasha, Varsha, and Tirana in the Centaur cave.— Sophina
    -In Lerilin, against the black mage Waldren. That is where I've first met Kwesyther, one of my wizard friends.— Cassandra
    -To name the most recent, the battle to free my hometown, Marali from the siege of Vandrovic. Curse that Elphina!—Rosina

    5) Tell us of a place where you use your skills best.
    -The field north of Mirith with all the harpies and gapers.— Sophina
    -Aborek. The volcano. Anywhere hot with screams.— Cassandra
    -Andris Park and Cemetery of course!— Fuoco

    6) Tell of us a time you died heroically.
    -Craussaur's Descent... and the Lava Dungeon... and any other place no one would dare venture alone.— Sophina
    -I've spent a birthday dead waiting for a rescue at the bottom of Aborek... which I guess contradicts answer 6... So maybe that million times we've all died rather *cof* heroically *cof* down Crausaar's Descent?— Cassandra
    -What can you possibly mean? I die heroically ALL THE TIME!— Fuoco
    -I died whilst throwing water on a fire which was blocking the entrance of a cem.— Kalt

    7) Why are you important to the history of Oberin?
    -Because I'm the only one in the Mirith Vanguard wearing the other colour of Mirith.— Sophina
    -Because I've once used a coal axe until it broke.— Cassandra
    -Because every respectable city has a mad wizard and Andris has me!— Fuoco

    -I am rather active and one of the newer players.—Kalt

    Hunt 15 Week of Feb 23, 2015

    The short and long of February:

    1) What is the year called when there is an extra day?
    -Bisextile (aka leap year).— Fuoco
    -Leap year!— Sophina
    -Leap year. —Zhede

    2) What month is longer during Leap Year?
    -February.— Fuoco
    -February.— Zhede

    3) When is the next Leap Year?
    -2016.— Rosina
    -2YK16 son!— Zedhe
    -Yeah, 2016.— Sophina

    4) Name a famous person born on a leap year
    -1468 – Pope Paul III (d. 1549)— Sophina
    -1792 – Gioacchino Rossini, Italian composer (William Tell, The Barber of Seville) (d. 1868)—Cassandra
    -Paul III— Gawr
    -Gioacchino Rossini.— Rosina
    -Pope Paul III— Zhede

    5) Name a Leap Year Holiday.
    -Rare Disease Day (in leap years)—Sophina
    -The fourth day of Ayyám-i-Há (Bahá'í Faith)— Cassandra
    -Party.— Dakanto
    -St. Oswald's Day.—Rosina

    6) The Greeks consider is it unlucky to do this during Leap Year.
    -Get married on February 29.— Sophina and Cassandra
    -Babble babble babble.— Dakanto
    -To get married.— Rosina

    7) Name a historical event to happen during Leap Year.
    -1712 - February 29 is followed by February 30 in Sweden, in a move to abolish the Swedish calendar for a return to the Old Style.— Sophina
    -1752 - King Alaungpaya founds Konbaung Dynasty, the last dynasty of Burmese monarchy.— Cassandra

    -Babble babble babble.— Dakanto

  • 13th April Scavenger hunt: We Participants 3 - Nanasisan, Hiyoko, and Modlin Chased Pirates through 7 destinations winding up at a cave near the Volcano. By the time we arrived the Pirates had gone, and Nana feared our mission was in vain. It asked us where the pirates had come from.. we are meant to base our intel on the previous questions at each location... so in Mirith we were asked if anything was missing from the castle.. I can only remember that a Centaur is missing that used to be there.. but this seems to be a red herring, the empty chests seem to indicate treasure was stolen.. and pirates were seen transporting treasure out of Andris docks.. Near to the Icey Isles we were asked to describe the pirate ship which I figure looks like rafts bound together as a treasure barge.. a robbery in the Briggobaen temple saw a page torn out of a book on treasures of the world, and I think there must have been something noted therein that led them to rob the Mirith Castle... So where did they come from?.. The antipodes given that all the destinations were seaside ports.. maybe my centaur theorum is not unsound as we know they departed for other shores... perhaps they forgot some precious hoofed treasures in Mirith and sent their seafarers to collect.. The Blood Cults are also active again, so there is every chance that the miscreants are from the alternate plane.. bloodlusting pilfering Pirates?.. that's our guess until further info rears the head..

    Modlin, Nanasisan, and Hiyoko..