• I have been working on website modifications today, most of it cannot be seen by most, but i will list here.

    Moderator Tools:
    GMs can now moderate the forums, originally it was only me able to do so, but i have gone throught he code of the forums and found the issue, and i have modified the code to allow GMs to mod.

    You will now notice that when creating a new Private Message, you will not need to type a users name in the box, you now have a drop down with everyones username.

    Personal Settings:
    Originally this was broken and would not allow you to update anything.
    I have fixed bugs in the code, and you can now change settings, including your email address, and forums signature.
    This is via: UserIcon -> Settings

    Few other things i have upgraded but cannot remember at this time!

    There are a few new bugs i have noticed since the upgrade, but they are nothing major, i will continue to work on them when i have a chance.  User deletion of own posts in progress.

  • Ariki please activate https:/ function. This allow some people to post
    from behind some firewalls that block forum post.